Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged???? I can't be it!!!!!!!

Okay... my sister friend Rebecca has called me out to play a game of tag... as you can see the rules are above so here goes...
1. Okay... a lot of people know this and I am sure that if you didn't it is no big surprise... but.... I DON'T RUN!!!! I spent several years coaching baseball/softball during Carly's growing up years (this should count as 2 things, shouldn't it???) and I had several girls return to my team year after year. They soon learned this simple fact... "Coach doesn't run"!!!! My goal... hit the ball far enough and running isn't necessary!!!!!
2. I like livercheese... yes... the brown "lunch meat" with the little rim of fat around the edges (sorry Bec... I can hear you gagging!) Slap it between two pieces of bread with some Miracle Whip and fresh tomato and it makes an awesome lunch!
3. I used to be the Queen of Halloween Costumes!!! While we haven't celebrated Halloween in years I used to go all out making costumes. Chandra won contest after contest during her elementary years. I always enjoyed the challenge of coming up with just the right costume!
4. I can't roller skate! I worked at the Dairy Bar connected to the local rink for two years, but I am like a deer on ice when it comes to skating. My parents could both skate very well, and they never understood why I couldn't manage to stand on my own!!!!!
5. I love cookbooks... I have several books and TONS of cooking magazines. I can spend hours pouring over the recipes and pictures. I always feel so inspired... though I rarely cook anything from them!!!!
6. Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite! When we were kids we had the most awesome bus driver - Charlie. Each year at Christmas time he gave every child on the bus a box of chocolate covered cherries. I never gave much thought as to how much that must have cost him... and he also played the radio on our bus each day... he was very "cool" for his time. Oh... and the best part... neither my brother or sister cared for this gift so I got theirs as well!
7. My senior year I was awarded the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award at Eastern. Okay... hold down the laughter!!! This had absolutely nothing to do with my homemaking skills... my cooking ability... or anything of the sort! The Home Ec teacher only had one senior who wanted to take the "test" required to win the award. She approached several of us who had taken her interior design course to see if we would take the test as well. Amazingly, I won... only missing one question... and the questions were odd... "How many times must one run the vacuum across a particular area before it is clean?" The answer... 10!!!! No wonder I hate housework!!!!!
I am tagging the following friends:
(Sorry I don't have 7, but maybe my four will be doubly fruitful!!!!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Date Night....

Mickey and I have become part of a group designed to draw couples closer together - Committed Couples. One of the first things we talked about as a group is that we should "date" our spouse. Now... let's talk about what a date is NOT....

A date is not cooking for your spouse...

A date is not going out to eat with your kids in tow.... or to a movie or to ANYTHING with your kids in tow

A date does not involve anything that the OTHER spouse doesn't like (ie: football - basketball - or shopping for yarn!!!)

A date should be more like this....

Going out to eat with no distractions - kids or cells phones included (guilty!)

Seeing a movie that doesn't have anything to do with animated characters!

Dancing... a concept that is truly lost on many!

Sometimes it is nice to just take a drive to nowhere in particular.... or to stroll along the streets of Brown County, looking in all the little shops... not because you need anything ... just because it is nice to walk hand in hand on a nice fall day - being together!

Seems like it has been awhile since we've had any quality "date time" here, and honestly... I believe that we both miss that time together. And as we are learning in our class, it is all about priority. So how about you? What has become your priority??? God and spouse or God and ____ just fill in the blank... work... hobby... kids... ???? I think for most of it, it is time to adjust!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What a difference.....

.... a week makes!!!! Last week at this time we were still trying to get the yard cleaned up after the big "wind event"... the kids were out of school and the world had been turned upside down.

Today... ahhhh... the peace and quiet of a nice fallish day!!! Have to love it!!!! Sitting here in a house that is quiet... Oscar the big yellow cat purring next to me... the sounds of the outside filtering in through open windows... kind of makes last week seem like a dream!!!

Yesterday was a little noisey... we celebrated Michael's birthday with a housefull of family and friends. He was so excited!!! He received so many nice gifts and well wishes... such an amazing difference for this little guy who spent his first four years in an orphanage! As everyone left he was already seated in front of Carly's personal DVD player checking out his new movies! And after school today I've already promised him that we can play Gator Golf!

On Saturday, as I put together his cake, he rarely left my side. He had been asking for a "Pablo" cake for weeks... and this is what I came up with. After the party, he had a new toy to play with. As I completed the cake I asked him if he liked it and he said "Perfect"... what more could a mom ask for?????
You know what I thought was perfect?? The number of people who came to help us celebrate! Our family and friends came and showered Michael with not just gifts, but with an amazing amount of love. God gave us this little guy and he is an awesome little boy... and he has not only changed out lives, but he has touched the lives of so many, which was very evident yesterday.
Thanks to all who came... and thanks to those that couldn't make it but sent a little something Michael's way. You made his day.... and ours!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The simple pleasure of company

I confess... I love having company. I realize that it always means that the house has to be cleaned, and that food must be cooked... but I enjoy it just the same. There is just something about opening up your home for fellowship that is enjoyable.

Our Tuesday bible study, Committed Couples, was without a place to meet due to the lack of electricity in the Greenville area. Our electricity, out due to the "Wind Event of 2008", was restored on Monday morning. Funny isn't it??? Just a couple of miles down the road and there is once again no electricity! Hard to figure out! Anyway, our fearless leader Joe asked if we could possibly host the group and after calling Mickey, we agreed to do so.

Now, you must keep in mind that the other couples attending have been without power since Sunday, so I ran to the store and fixed chili, sandwiches and desserts. I was very excited to bless our friends with something as simple as a meal (and a shower if needed!) We have been with this group from around a year now, and I must say, they have all become more like family. It is always fun when we are together, and Mickey and I were both happy to share our "lights" with them all!

When one couple arrived we found they had gotten their power back this afternoon. While in the middle of class another received a call telling them that power had been restored to their area as well. Only one couple remains, and our prayer is that their power is restored soon. And it was the general consensus that you really don't know what you have until it is taken from you...

A simple, yet very profound thought. Like most things in life, you don't miss them until they are gone... a friend, a loved one, a marriage.... a simple thing like a glass of cold water...

Don't take things for granted... life is just too short... enjoy all that God has given you and enjoy it to the fullest... you never know when it just might be gone!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blowing away the cobwebs

A few days ago I happened to be going to New Albany early in the morning. It was a little foggy that day... you know the type... where it is just a fine mist with a hint of sun peeking through the gray.

As I entered Borden - the Valley as the locals like to call it - I began to notice the electric wires along side the road. Between each pole there were at least 4 or 5 cobwebs built between the wires. They were only visible because each one was covered with dew from the mist. They came in all shapes and sizes and as I continued my drive I noticed more and more lining each side of the road.

It hit me that while I was enjoying them on this particular morning, they had been there all along, hidden until the dewy mist revealed them for all to see. How like these hidden webs are the hidden parts of our lives?! We can do an adequate job of keeping the secret parts of our lives hidden from the world until the mist settles in, then they are laid bare for the world to see.

That mist can hit you are some of the most amazing times... it can be during a sermon... it can happen in relation to a song on the radio... it can hit you at a bible study. But no matter where it hits you, that hidden web that you have kept from sight is often left in full view of those around you.

Like the spiders who had built between the wires we can wait until the mist disappears and watch as our web of secrets becomes invisible once again. Or just maybe, as the Son begins to pour into our lives we can remove the web of secrets before it has a chance to bury itself once again.

The choice is ours... and we all have a cobweb or two hanging around the attic of our lives... which path will you choose???

Friday, September 5, 2008

Did you ever wonder????

In light of numerous recent events, I have had this constant thought... "What exactly does God want me (or anyone for that matter!) to learn from (or in) this situation?" And you know what... this is a tough question to answer!

Honestly, I am sure that in most cases we won't know why something happens this side of heaven... but I also believe that we can learn something from everything. Right now, one the things that I am trying to learn is to listen.

I think that the biggest thing that I struggle with is that I tend to "get in the way" of what God desires for my life. I have ALWAYS done that!! I let my wants and desires take first place... I let what others say to me (good AND bad) sway my decisions... I often look through wordly eyes at the crossroad that is before me, forgetting that God's plan may be different (and therefore perfect!!)

Lately, I have been trying desperately to see my life through God's eyes, seeking his will in all things, and repeatedly asking him to open and close doors, so that I have clarity in all decisions. This isn't something that happens overnight... and I continually find myself putting on the blinders supplied by the world.

So I wonder... am I the only one that struggles with this issue??? And if you struggle with it... did you ever wonder if you were alone??? If so, take heart... you are never alone... Jesus is right by your side wispering the answers to your prayers... and like me... you just need to practice listening!

Monday, September 1, 2008

An Award

How cool is this? My "sister friend" and fellow blogger has awarded me with this awesome blue ribbon! In in turn, I get to name four of my favorites and give them an award as well. I will proudly post this ribbon on my side bar... and how that those I award will do the same!

The rules are simple:
1. Put the award on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Name at least four fellow bloggers for this award
4. Add links for the recipients
5. Leave a comment to let the recipients know they have received the award.

My friend, Rebecca has become a quite accomplished writer through her blogging experiences! I love to visit her blog, Knit by God's Hand, daily. She has a way to make you laugh, and then bring home a point. I am a little biased, as she is one of my dearest friends... but she is a great read... and I hope that you will soon enjoy her writing as much as I do.

Now... on to the nominations...

First, I would like you to visit the blog of my friend, Terry. Terry is an awesome woman, who is my friend through adoption. We have both brought home wonderful children from China. She loves the Lord and is faithfully seeking His will for her as she continues to love his precious children. Visit Forever A Family... and have a few hankies handy as you read about her adoption adventures.

Next, I have to mention my friend Joe... while he did receive an award from Rebecca, I have to give him one as well. I so love reading his blog daily. He is such an inspiration. This man loves the Lord, and is doing all that the Lord calls him to do. He is seeking to go into the ministry, and once you read his blog, you'll understand that God has truly placed a call on his heart. Visit Reflect the Son and enjoy!

There are a couple of sites that I often visit through links on my daughter's blog. One in particular stands out: Bring the Rain... the writing of Angie Smith... you will cry... and you will be blessed.

As for my fourth award, as is indicated in the rules... I think that I'll hold onto that one for a bit...

Hope you are all blessed by reading the links... and Bec... thanks for the award... it's nice tobet a pat on the back from someone I consider one terrific writer!!!!