Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tandem - by Tracey Bateman

When I asked for this particular book this was the line that grabbed me... She soon realizes that centuries old secrets tie Abbey Hills to the Chisom estate and a mysterious evil will do anything to make sure those secrets stay hidden. Even the man who grew up loving her may not be able to protect Laureyn from the danger. Kind of just grabs you and begs you to unlock the secret, doesn't it?

I must confess when I started this book it wasn't at all what I expected... and I'm not about to ruin the "surprise" for you. The premise of this story was good, but I often found myself feeling a little lost in the continual switching between characters. It made the book a little less enjoyable for me. It might have been an easier read if I had actually read her first book, Thirsty. And I do feel that given the current trend in books and movies, this book should do quite well!

I loved the glimpse that we were given into Lauryn's relationship with her father, who was in the final stages of Alzheimer's. The care and the love she showed for him, and her reactions to his decline, is something that I feel many will be able to relate to. It was written in such as a way that made me truly care for her character. I also found it interesting how the relationship that Amede and Eden shared with their father drove each of them to become the women they were. A father's love, no matter what form it takes, can definitely change not only how we view ourselves, but how we view our relationship with God.

My rating for this book.... a 4.


"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

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