Thursday, May 29, 2008

False Alarm... sort of.....

Well... we thought we were going to receive our 4th grandchild last night, but they ended up sending Rachel home. Not that she isn't is labor... she just isn't far enough into it to make the doctor happy. After 3 + hours in the hospital... strapped to a monitor and unable to get up to help the progress... the contractions began to slow down and they opted to unhook her and send her packing.

Now I wonder, what did they do with women prior to all of the monitoring equipment? I have no "first hand" experience because all of my labors were relatively quick, but I can remember seeing women pacing the hallways, walking back and forth, trying to keep the contractions up so that the process would go faster. Older women will always advise young women to "get out and walk". I fully believe that this is just one of those things that is a natural response, but one that hospitals don't take seriously.

So, by now you are probably saying... what is your point... get to it! My point is simple... God created women to give birth... and yes... he said we would have pain... but I believe that he also gave women a natural response to labor... and that through the "wonders of medical science", they have taken that natural response and shot it down the tubes. Just another indicator that the world often shuts out the voice of God... even when it comes to having babies!

I'll let you know when this little one finally arrives... while the doctors might have slowed down the process... they can't STOP it!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Official Driver

Well.. it has finally happened... Carly has her license AND a new car!!! Okay, new to her... but still a car of her very own! It's a Ford ZX2... and to her... it is awesome!

Now... how old do you think I feel? Yep...pretty old! It was just a year or so ago that she was born... I'm just sure of it! And wasn't it just a few months ago that she graduated from elementary? And a few weeks ago that she entered high school? The point is... time is really passing by quickly. It is just so hard to believe that she is 16 years old and getting ready to finish her sophomore year!
She was very excited and did well on her first drive. She was eager to show it off so she and I headed down to Grammie and Pa's to give it a test drive. Now, she can't wait for her sisters to see it!
Before you know it I'll be posting pictures of Michael getting his first set of wheels... and then... well... I WILL be old!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome opportunity

If you have seen Rebecca's blog you have already read about Stephanie's Hope. The establishment of this fund is so exciting on so many different levels. I can't wait to see the impact that it will have on the kingdom. If you aren't familiar with the fund, or missed its introduction video, please visit the fund's blog to learn more.

Isn't it amazing... not only did Stephanie Frazier have an impact on the kingdom while alive, but is still having an impact after going to be with her Savior. So I have to wonder... have I lived my life so as to have that same impact? I would have to say no... and that means that I am going to need to make a few changes! How do people see me? How do I present myself... not just to those around me, but to my heavenly Father?! I can honestly say that I have a great deal of improvement to make... and isn't admitting you have a problem half the battle?!

I think that upon self-examination most of us would "fall short"... and I think that one of the differences between most of us and Stephanie is that WE are still living for the world. Stephanie knew that the world wasn't important.... she knew that she was going to be in heaven sooner than expected... she LIVED for the Lord. Many of us still feel that we have "time". But the older I get the more I realize that time is running short, and it is time to make some changes.

"Signs of the times" lead me to believe that Christ will be returning soon... okay... it could be tomorrow, it could be next year, or 1000's of years... I don't know... but I do know that there is a sense of urgency... one that tells me that living a life centered on Christ is of the utmost importance.... I have to believe that is something close to what Stephanie felt... what all of those who have a relationship with Christ feel when they are told that time is short... the desire to let Jesus shine through their actions.

So... that is something that has been missing from my walk... that sense of urgency that tells me "time is short". I don't have much time to make a difference for the kingdom. So, that is how I want to begin to view things... with an urgency that says I must do all that I can to further God's kingdom in the time that I am allowed. Will it be hard to change... yes... because I still live IN this world... but I don't have to live FOR this world... and that realization will make all the difference in how I go about making this change!

I just hope that all who have a relationship with Jesus Christ will begin to feel this urgency... it is time to "step up to the plate"... time is running short! Let your light shine before men and make a difference for the kingdom!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When God closes a window....

I've often heard that very saying said by others.... "When God closes a window He opens a door." I've have had a lot of doors open up in my lifetime... which means that windows have closed, but none have shut more firmly than the one that recently went down in my life.

For the past three years I have devoted my time and energy to creating a monthly newspaper called The Good News Monthly. Most of you know about it, many of you read it each month. It has been a project that has been close to my heart. For the past year, advertisers have been hard to come by, and those who were supporting the paper found it necessary to not renew their contracts. Like any real ministry - finances just didn't seem to appear. Some churches and individuals came forward to help with support, but unfortunately with the rising delivery costs and printing costs, it just wasn't enough. I have been in prayer for months now, asking God to show me what He would have me do, specifically.... close windows and open doors. God has answered my prayer and sent affirmation my way. While having to announce that I am closing the doors on The Good News Monthly is sad, I have to tell you that the fact that God has answered my prayer in such definite ways has been amazing.

So... the window has closed on The Good News ministry... and there are a few people I would like to thank....

My husband, Mickey... who has been a great support, a prayer warrior, and an awesome delivery guy. Mickey's first job was delivering papers in the Madison area... and for the last two years he has delivered Clark county, and any other county where needed. Thanks sweetie!!!

My kids...
Chandra, who worked for me for a long time... she did the books, edited copy, and even put the paper together when we went to China to bring Michael home....

Rachel, who submitted a story or two over time.... a blossoming writer???? Who knows!!!!

and Carly and Michael, for understanding that when a deadline was near, I was going to go into high gear.... I am sorry for the time the paper took away from you both... but proud of you for understanding....

My in-laws - Bob and Irene - who stepped in to deliver Jefferson County when I needed someone... they would never take gas money, and were two of my biggest supporters.....

Patti Calloway - who was one of our part-time sales people and wrote a book review each month... and most importantly... a great prayer partner. Thanks for working so hard to make this paper a success... it was an awesome ride wasn't it????

Ed Jackson - for selling ads, but more importantly, for delivering papers in Harrison and Floyd counties... a huge route! God sent you at just the right time!! I have appreciated you and Nancy very much!

Doug McArthur - for writing devotionals when the paper started and stepping in to help when needed....

My friends Rebecca and Vicki for being in prayer for this decision and for the support you have given.... Roy Kustanbauter, Jerry Adamson, Jerry Ousley, and John Trinkle for your monthly articles.... all the churches for submitting their announcements.... I have enjoyed getting to know some great people over the past three years...

.... and most importantly I just want to give God the praise and the glory for allowing me to be a part of this ministry.... it has been an awesome adventure!!!

Now... as I said in the beginning... when God closes a window He opens a door.... that door for me would be helping to establish the Stephanie's Hope Scholarship Fund at my church, Greenville Christian. I am excited about where this ministry will go... I am excited about the people who will be helped, both at home and abroad.... and I thank God for opening this door....

The last issue of The Good News will be the July issue, which will hit the stands the last week of June... thanks to you all for your support... but remember... THIS ride might be over, but the NEW RIDE is about to begin... and I am sure that it will be just as much fun as the last one!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dry Spell

Seems like it has been awhile since I last posted... a writer's drought maybe? Perhaps writer's block?? I'm not sure... I just know that it has been long time between posts!

Have you ever had one of those seasons when it just seems that the world is just weighing heavy? Your mind is cluttered with a ton of things that you think about each and every minute of the day, but you can't seem to get past even one of those thoughts? That is where I have been of late. A lot on my mind, and very little being accomplished.

I have been reading a book loaned to me by my "sister-friend" Rebecca... it is so thought provoking... what I term a "slow read"... there is just so much to think about. The book is entitled The Bait of Satan, and I am really learning a great deal from the author.... and have been given alot to think about.

Then there have been Chad's sermons on Sunday - all on the Holy Spirit - and you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at services. This past week was an awesome sermon, and I know from Chad's blog that he has been under attack from Satan during the preparation time for this series. I have been so blessed by the message... and have been given more to think about in the process....

I am finding answers to questions... and finding more questions in need of answers... and lately I have been very thankful for a few blessing that have helped me along the way... the smiles of friends... the emails that make me laugh (even when I am alone!)... a husband that is good at listening... knitting.... (oh yeah!!!) and a gracious God who is willing to comfort me in the same areas over and over again... and the fact that He does it even though I don't deserve it.

So much for my "blue Monday".... and like the song from Rudolph says... "there's always tomorrow!"