Friday, September 5, 2008

Did you ever wonder????

In light of numerous recent events, I have had this constant thought... "What exactly does God want me (or anyone for that matter!) to learn from (or in) this situation?" And you know what... this is a tough question to answer!

Honestly, I am sure that in most cases we won't know why something happens this side of heaven... but I also believe that we can learn something from everything. Right now, one the things that I am trying to learn is to listen.

I think that the biggest thing that I struggle with is that I tend to "get in the way" of what God desires for my life. I have ALWAYS done that!! I let my wants and desires take first place... I let what others say to me (good AND bad) sway my decisions... I often look through wordly eyes at the crossroad that is before me, forgetting that God's plan may be different (and therefore perfect!!)

Lately, I have been trying desperately to see my life through God's eyes, seeking his will in all things, and repeatedly asking him to open and close doors, so that I have clarity in all decisions. This isn't something that happens overnight... and I continually find myself putting on the blinders supplied by the world.

So I wonder... am I the only one that struggles with this issue??? And if you struggle with it... did you ever wonder if you were alone??? If so, take heart... you are never alone... Jesus is right by your side wispering the answers to your prayers... and like me... you just need to practice listening!


Anonymous said...

Listening is so much harder than doing.

Rebecca Jo said...

And finding patience to listen is hard too...sometimes God doesn't tell us right away - we have to "Wait upon the Lord" - that's a whole other challenge, isn't it!