Monday, September 1, 2008

An Award

How cool is this? My "sister friend" and fellow blogger has awarded me with this awesome blue ribbon! In in turn, I get to name four of my favorites and give them an award as well. I will proudly post this ribbon on my side bar... and how that those I award will do the same!

The rules are simple:
1. Put the award on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Name at least four fellow bloggers for this award
4. Add links for the recipients
5. Leave a comment to let the recipients know they have received the award.

My friend, Rebecca has become a quite accomplished writer through her blogging experiences! I love to visit her blog, Knit by God's Hand, daily. She has a way to make you laugh, and then bring home a point. I am a little biased, as she is one of my dearest friends... but she is a great read... and I hope that you will soon enjoy her writing as much as I do.

Now... on to the nominations...

First, I would like you to visit the blog of my friend, Terry. Terry is an awesome woman, who is my friend through adoption. We have both brought home wonderful children from China. She loves the Lord and is faithfully seeking His will for her as she continues to love his precious children. Visit Forever A Family... and have a few hankies handy as you read about her adoption adventures.

Next, I have to mention my friend Joe... while he did receive an award from Rebecca, I have to give him one as well. I so love reading his blog daily. He is such an inspiration. This man loves the Lord, and is doing all that the Lord calls him to do. He is seeking to go into the ministry, and once you read his blog, you'll understand that God has truly placed a call on his heart. Visit Reflect the Son and enjoy!

There are a couple of sites that I often visit through links on my daughter's blog. One in particular stands out: Bring the Rain... the writing of Angie Smith... you will cry... and you will be blessed.

As for my fourth award, as is indicated in the rules... I think that I'll hold onto that one for a bit...

Hope you are all blessed by reading the links... and Bec... thanks for the award... it's nice tobet a pat on the back from someone I consider one terrific writer!!!!

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