Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time flies....

My blog friend Auburn Chick posted a run down of her graduating daughters school years, and I thought it was great... and I would like to do something similar as we prepare for graduation next weekend!

Carly has always been a little bit of a "mommy's girl", and I have so many wonderful memories of her growing up. She has never been very far from my side... and while is some respects that might not have always been a good thing, it has been a blessing as well. She is so much like me at times that it is just ... well, it is strange!

As the youngest daughter (she didn't become a big sister until she was nearly 12!) I wasn't sure that Carly would EVER talk. Her oldest sister was 12, and her other sister 7, when she was born. All Carly had to do was point to whatever she wanted and they were ready to oblige. I remember the day that I finally had to say, "Don't just hand her things, make her say the word, or she will NEVER learn to talk." She hasn't stopped talking since!

With a sister 12 years older, it wasn't long before she became a playtoy for Chandra's friends. At ballgames she often sat with these girls in the cheerblock, loving the attention that she received. And as Rachel become active in the marching band program, Carly could be found on the sidelines listening to the music, and tossing a flag into the air, dreaming of the day she could do what Rachel did. Now at 18, Carly has the ability to get along well with those individuals who are older than she is, which will serve her well. She has also developed a love for music... and all of those years on the sideline at band competitions were a big part of developing that love.

Carly has always had a love for babies... if there is a baby to be found, she will be somewhere near. That love of children led her to volunteer in our church nursery when she was in junior high... and she has been in children's ministry in some capacity ever since. Many of the children who are entering kindergarten this year started out with Carly in the nursery. She loves the children she works with, and they have grown to love and respect Ms. Carly. I find myself smiling with I see one come up to her during fellowship time so that they can share something with her. Or when they call out goodbye to her at the end of a service. We have been so blessed by watching her grow in this ministry.

When Carly decided that she no longer wanted to participate in band, we knew that she would miss that connection to music, so we bought her a bass guitar as she had once mentioned that she might like to play. She began taking lessons with our music minister, and with her background in music it was only a few short weeks until she was playing with the band on Sunday mornings. I am always amazed at how quickly she learns a new instrument, her talent is truly a gift from God and we are pleased that she has chosen to honor Him with it. She also picked up choir in school, and this year sang two solos and a duet at their spring concert. She did such and awesome job and we are so proud.

As Carly prepares to walk on graduation day next week, there are just so many blessings that we are praying for her... she is about to begin the next chapter in her journey, and with page after page of life stories still to be written, we are asking that God continue to keep her in the palm of his hand. We pray that she will find the path that has been chosen for her, and that she will learn more about herself as she travels it. And not just about herself, but about who she is IN CHRIST... as that will be the most important lesson. We pray for her to find joy, peace and eventually love... and we pray for her to be happy.

As I have looked back over her life with us over the past 18 years, I have smiled often, and I have shed a tear or two as well. I am humbled that God would allow me to walk alongside such a wonderful young lady (just as he allowed me to walk alongside her sisters, and now her brother!) and I pray that as parents, we have been able to instill in her those things she will need to draw on as her life begins to turn towards walking more independently.

I love you Carly... Happy Graduation!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Well... we are now down to 8 school days until Carly is finished with High School! That's right ... 8 DAYS!!!! She will have her graduation rehearsal next Friday, May 28th, followed by a Senior Picnic. She does not have to go back on the 1st and 2nd as she has enough days left that she can miss. So on the 1st, we will head out for a day of shopping... getting her sandals to go with her cute graduation dress... getting the remainder of the food for her open house.... I can't believe that we are THIS close!!!!

I've started to pull out some of her pictures to create a display for her open house... she was such a little cutie pie... all blonde and curly haired.... And now... she has become such a beautiful young lady... and young woman that I am very proud to call daughter....

And on June 2nd, Michael will graduate from Kindergarten... and we will begin a new adventure as we prepare to homeschool him next year. I have realized that while I have always had a desire to be a teacher, and that God has definitely led me to that... he has also given me a son to teach. While in a service one Sunday, as I was struggling with what to do about Michael and his developmental delays, I silently cried out to God asking him what I can do, and this still, small, voice said to me... "I've given you one to teach at home..." Okay... point taken... so next year Michael and I will begin 1st grade at home. I am thrilled to be able to do this for Michael... and excited that God has given me such clear direction.

My little boy isn't so little anymore... he is growing by leaps and bounds, and I don't want to miss a single moment of it.... but I am so thankful that he has had such a wonderful teacher in Mrs. Sanders this year... she has taken all of his needs to heart, and has made his year so much fun!

The next 2 1/2 weeks will be busy ones... but the doors that are opening are huge... and I can't wait to see what waits on the other side!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Having some grandkid time...

Okay, I know it has been awhile since I last posted... sorry... I am guilty of just READING blogs and not tending to my own... I've smacked my own hands, and I know that makes you feel somewhat better!

Today I drove up to get two of the grands so they could spend a couple of days with us. Mommy is having a surgical procedure, and so they have come to hang with me while she gets a little rest. They were so excited when I got there... it was so cute. I walked in the door and they both said, "Let's go!" Yeah, I didn't think that I was going to get to tell anyone else hello, or even have time to pray for our daughter before we left!

As soon as we hit the road, they were excited to see so many semis on the roadway. Immediately Kailyn said, "Nanny, if you do your hands like this, the semi driver will blow his horn at you..." And up went their little arms, fists clinched and making the motion... oh, don't tell me you don't know that motion... I'm sure you've done it a few times yourself. And low and behold, the 1st guy they ask... he toots his horn at them. They giggled with delight and proceeded to "make the motion" at the next three semi driver's in front of him... none of which obliged. Looking ahead, I told them that just maybe they needed to take a break from that activity... there were HUNDREDS of semis ahead of us... seriously!!!!

So they decided to ask me about a million questions instead... all of which I had an answer for... even if I had to make one up... hey... they are 5 and 3... can they prove me wrong??? I think not... and at the end of the question and answer session, we hit McDonald's for a couple of Happy Meals and some quality time on the play equipment. Their little legs must have made 20 or more trips up that thing. I was getting tired just watching them!

And from there, we hit the library, where they each got to choose a movie... which they thought was pretty awesome.

Right now, they are taking a nap in preparation for Michael's arrival home from school... they are so excited to see him, and he has been chomping at the bit for them to get here. So for now, I'm gonna enjoy the calm before the storm that occurs when the kids are here!!!