Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blowing away the cobwebs

A few days ago I happened to be going to New Albany early in the morning. It was a little foggy that day... you know the type... where it is just a fine mist with a hint of sun peeking through the gray.

As I entered Borden - the Valley as the locals like to call it - I began to notice the electric wires along side the road. Between each pole there were at least 4 or 5 cobwebs built between the wires. They were only visible because each one was covered with dew from the mist. They came in all shapes and sizes and as I continued my drive I noticed more and more lining each side of the road.

It hit me that while I was enjoying them on this particular morning, they had been there all along, hidden until the dewy mist revealed them for all to see. How like these hidden webs are the hidden parts of our lives?! We can do an adequate job of keeping the secret parts of our lives hidden from the world until the mist settles in, then they are laid bare for the world to see.

That mist can hit you are some of the most amazing times... it can be during a sermon... it can happen in relation to a song on the radio... it can hit you at a bible study. But no matter where it hits you, that hidden web that you have kept from sight is often left in full view of those around you.

Like the spiders who had built between the wires we can wait until the mist disappears and watch as our web of secrets becomes invisible once again. Or just maybe, as the Son begins to pour into our lives we can remove the web of secrets before it has a chance to bury itself once again.

The choice is ours... and we all have a cobweb or two hanging around the attic of our lives... which path will you choose???

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Rebecca Jo said...

WOW! You know where I stand in that - how comfortable are we hiding things? But then it tears you up inside still.....

Oh that the mist would show so we can see them clearly to wipe them away for good!!!