Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged???? I can't be it!!!!!!!

Okay... my sister friend Rebecca has called me out to play a game of tag... as you can see the rules are above so here goes...
1. Okay... a lot of people know this and I am sure that if you didn't it is no big surprise... but.... I DON'T RUN!!!! I spent several years coaching baseball/softball during Carly's growing up years (this should count as 2 things, shouldn't it???) and I had several girls return to my team year after year. They soon learned this simple fact... "Coach doesn't run"!!!! My goal... hit the ball far enough and running isn't necessary!!!!!
2. I like livercheese... yes... the brown "lunch meat" with the little rim of fat around the edges (sorry Bec... I can hear you gagging!) Slap it between two pieces of bread with some Miracle Whip and fresh tomato and it makes an awesome lunch!
3. I used to be the Queen of Halloween Costumes!!! While we haven't celebrated Halloween in years I used to go all out making costumes. Chandra won contest after contest during her elementary years. I always enjoyed the challenge of coming up with just the right costume!
4. I can't roller skate! I worked at the Dairy Bar connected to the local rink for two years, but I am like a deer on ice when it comes to skating. My parents could both skate very well, and they never understood why I couldn't manage to stand on my own!!!!!
5. I love cookbooks... I have several books and TONS of cooking magazines. I can spend hours pouring over the recipes and pictures. I always feel so inspired... though I rarely cook anything from them!!!!
6. Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite! When we were kids we had the most awesome bus driver - Charlie. Each year at Christmas time he gave every child on the bus a box of chocolate covered cherries. I never gave much thought as to how much that must have cost him... and he also played the radio on our bus each day... he was very "cool" for his time. Oh... and the best part... neither my brother or sister cared for this gift so I got theirs as well!
7. My senior year I was awarded the Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award at Eastern. Okay... hold down the laughter!!! This had absolutely nothing to do with my homemaking skills... my cooking ability... or anything of the sort! The Home Ec teacher only had one senior who wanted to take the "test" required to win the award. She approached several of us who had taken her interior design course to see if we would take the test as well. Amazingly, I won... only missing one question... and the questions were odd... "How many times must one run the vacuum across a particular area before it is clean?" The answer... 10!!!! No wonder I hate housework!!!!!
I am tagging the following friends:
(Sorry I don't have 7, but maybe my four will be doubly fruitful!!!!)


Rebecca Jo said...

I love this....its always fun to find out the "quirks" in people!!!

I'm going to get you to RUN on ROLLER SKATES!!!!

Jennifer said...

Have you ever tried the chocolate covered cherry Blizzard from Dairy Queen? I think they still have it. It's yummy!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

I'll be workin' on it this weekend! Terry :-)