Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I love VBS... Yes I Do!!!!

What fun we are having at Jungle Safari!! Day 2 under our belts!

This is my first year to work at the Community VBS in our new home town. This is a huge event, with several churches offering their time and money to make it happen, including our home church North Madison Christian Church. It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off an event like this... and I think that those who don't volunteer their time... even for a night... are missing out on a wonderful opportunity ... teaching about the love of Christ to the next generation.

Now, I not only do VBS, but I am back in the saddle teaching Sunday School again, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I would like to share a few reason why I feel that volunteering to work with kids is important.....

* Seeing a child who might not have the greatest home life come alive when they feel loved. Kids need to see that someone cares... even if it is only for a short time... it can make a difference.

* Being available to answer questions about Christ, his death, and resurrection so that kids can meet the REAL Jesus...  humbling!

* Knowing that for one week, you can build a relationship with a child who might not meet Jesus any other way... so needed in our world today.

* It is a joy to serve alongside others who have the same love of Christ that you do. Watching them love on these kids is a truly amazing experience.

Now.... not all VBS (or kid's ministry!) positions require you to teach!!! This year, I'm a crew leader during VBS. My job?  Simple... take kids from point A to point B, C, D, and back to point A without losing any kids!!! I get to sing with them. I get to hear the lesson with them, and help drive home the point. I get to work on their crafts with them... all the while talking to them, learning about their lives, their likes, and their dislikes. I get to give them high fives, hugs, and tell them "Way to go". How easy is that???  There is no planning... I just show up and love on the kids!!!

If you've never volunteered to work a Vacation Bible School, I encourage you to give it prayerful consideration. There are so many spots that need to be filled, and you might be surprised at how well you might fill the bill!!!Even that little smile given to a child as they are handed there snack speaks the love of Jesus. THAT is what it is all about!!!

Have a Blessed Day!