Friday, May 3, 2013

Reading is FUN....

Michael has recently taken off where reading in concerned! I am SO thankful that he is enjoying it. I come from a long line of readers... it is just something that has always happened around me, and I had hopes that he would come to enjoy it, many boys don't!

Last week I introduced him to chapter books that he could read alone. We've been reading the Little House books together (actually, I read, he listens!), but I wanted him to begin a series that he could read on his own.  I found the Ready Freddy series at the library. That was PERFECT as my nephew and his wife recently had a new baby and named him Freddy. Something that he could relate to. So he is currently reading book one in the series... Tooth Trouble, and he is really enjoying it.

I had to laugh, he told me that it was a funny story, and it had bad words in it... I knew immediately what that bad word was... stupid. A word that we have always told him he can't say, along with the word fat, and a few other words that just aren't nice!!! It is great that those are the only "bad words" that he knows!!!!

I have always believed that reading should be fun... because reading is VERY important. If you can read, and understand what you read, then you can do anything. More than that... you can go anywhere. Reading can take you places you will never go to in "real life". It can take you to far away lands. It can take you to the moon and back. It can take you on adventures that will carry your imagination for days!

Right now, I love nothing more than to sit back and watch him read. I love watching him when something strikes him as funny and I see a smile, or hear a giggle. I love when he stops to tell me about the funny thing that has happened to Freddy. I love knowing that he is well on his way to many adventures that will carry him into adulthood.

I still have a few of my favorite childhood books, and he has read them all now. They are kept on a bookshelf with my "big books", and he loves to take them out to re-read them. I'm excited that he is learning to share my love for reading. A good story goes a long way!!! Best of all, yesterday he told me that when he grows up, he wants to make sure he keeps some of his favorite books so that when he has a son or a daughter, he can share them. Now that truly warmed my heart!!! I truly believe that for Michael, reading has become more than school work... it has become FUN!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!



Toni said...

Except for math,which requires reading and comprehension,I agree that being able to read is a major benefit in life.There is so much information out there,especially now,that keeping up is a real challenge.Being in love with reading is a gift. Thank you Lord for your many gifts in our lives.

Rebecca Jo said...

YIPPEE!!!! That's so exciting!

I still have all my books from a kid on my shelf as well. Cant bear to part with them. They're a part of my childhood.

I bet he misses saying to me REPEATEDLY, "that's a bad word" ... I was full of them, wasn't I? Not even realizing they were 'bad words' haha!! I'm just so stupid! (couldn't resist throwing it in) ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE!!! That's exciting! Books are definitely a key to new adventures!

I bet he misses telling me REPEATEDLY "that's a bad word" I was so stupid with the words I'd use! haha! I was the QUEEN of 'bad words' & didn't even realize it! :)