Monday, May 13, 2013

The Countdown is ON!

And exciting week here in the Neal household... it is our last week of school! Yippee!!! And Michael is EXCITED!

We've had a pretty good 3rd homeschool year. Half way through the year, I totally changed up his math. Switching from Horizon to Singapore Math has made a huge difference. He seems to be doing much better with their approach. His reading has taken off! He has gone from easy readers to chapter books this year... and he really is beginning to enjoy reading! He began writing stories at the end of this year, and is doing pretty good with that as well.

It hasn't all been roses... he still struggles with some concepts... money is a biggie. He also has a hard time with word problems in math. There are still areas where he is behind, but I've seen great strides. That has been awesome to see.

A major portion of his excitement to have school over stems from the fact that we'll be going on vacation soon. He really enjoys going to the beach... he loves the pool, and where we are going we'll have both. He thinks that will be pretty sweet. Not sure how he'll manage without his "grandkids" being there, or his Carly... but I hope that he'll still have fun with his "old fogey parents"!!!!

I've already purchased a good portion of our schoolwork for next year. I've got a few options that I'm looking at.  A Classical Conversations group meets in the area. There is also a homeschool coop that meets as well. Not sure which would be good for him... or if either will work. Still checking into both. He is pretty shy, and has NO desire to be part of a group... so we'll see!  I'll sit down and begin planning next year in earnest after our vacation is over...

What I'm absolutely sure of is that Homeschool has made a difference for Michael, and I'm so thankful that we are able to do this for him. His is growing is so many different aspects of his life, and I feel that being able to work one-on-one with him has been a huge blessing.

While I'm looking forward to taking a break, I'm also looking forward to what next year will bring....

Have a Blessed Day!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Hey - I'm 41 & I still don't get word problems either :)