Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Weekend!

What a weekend!!! VERY busy!!!

Saturday was the Pekin-Eastern Alumni Banquet. It was a very nice evening. Left Madison at 8:30 AM and arrived back home at 10:45 PM... that made for a VERY long day. But in between setting up the banquet and the actual event, I had the opportunity to visit with my parents, and that is always nice!

For me, one of the best things about this years banquet is that my middle daughter was a member of the 10 year class. She and a few of her friends came, and it was awesome to see them all there together.

Yesterday, I was pooped.... and I could feel a fibro flare starting up... AND we were expecting Rachel and family for the day... so we didn't go to church. And yes, we missed it, and it didn't feel like Sunday!

We had hoped to take them downtown and give them the Madison Main Street Tour. There are just so many neat buildings and shops here. However, it seriously POURED down rain for the longest time. Around 4:30 the sun finally came out, and a check of the radar indicated that we were in a dry slot, so we did go down and walk the river front. It is so beautiful down there, and peaceful. The kids even walked with Mickey and Robert down to the boat ramp and checked out the ducks that were swimming there.

They ran and played and had a great time. And it is always good to get to spend time with one of the girls and their family. We are truly blessed!

Today, we're back at school. Michael only has 14 more school days left, and as we have finished most of his books, we're just doing some unit studies, math and writing. Oh, and reading... there is always reading. In fact, we'll be heading to the library this afternoon to get some books on butterflies, our next unit study!

As for the flare I felt coming on yesterday... it is visiting full force today. But I am thankful... thankful that I KNOW it is fibro, it could be something worse... thankful the flare will NOT last forever (while I have pain all the time, these "bad days" come and go) and thankful that I can look forward to "good days" ahead. I have managed to go without the usual fibro meds (thankful again for a high pain tolerance!!!) and hope to be able to continue to do so! A silver lining exists for EVERYTHING if you just look for it!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!


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