Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Murphy!

Here is our new family member... Murphy.... and yes, I can't just say Murphy... I have to add on. I've been making him Irish... Murphy O'Neal.... Carly on the other hand has been calling him Murphy Brown... he is NOT a girl!!!

He is currently snuggled down in his new bed, snoozing away. Gonna have to get him up to kennel him soon so I can go to bed... which means a trip outside as well.

Had to have him sheared due to matting and ticks... not too happy with the results... couldn't believe how he looked when I picked him up... and this is an improvement because I took a fine tooth flea come and got rid of a bunch of junk they left. And the poor little guy... his cut is just terrible! Fortunately hair grows, and for that I am thankful.

I've decided that even I can do a better job than that, so friend of mine who has been a groomer, but now only does a few out of her home, has offered to teach me... gonna be getting my shears soon... but I think I have awhile before his hair will be long enough to even straighten out... maybe I can find him a little puppy wig??? Or in his case, a toupee!!! Thank goodness it is summer or I would have to whip out a doggie sweater for the poor thing.
Aside from the bad hair day, he was also "snipped", or as I like to say, he had his manhood adjusted, so he is gonna be a little sore for awhile. He seems so even tempered, and even Michael has taken up with him and he has always hated dogs. He even led him around the yard for awhile tonight... progress!!!



Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!! Did you adopt him from an animal shelter?

Lynn said...

Actually, we were starting to look for a new dog after our vacation and Carly's boyfriend let her know that he knew someone who had this little dog that had been dumped on their property. We went to see him, Carly fell in love, and the rest is history!!! The people who left him literally draped his leash handle over a post in the ground, went up on the porch and took some food and water these people had out for their dogs and put it near him, then left him there. When the people came home from a play there he was! So he was really a "rescued dog"!