Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When I grow up....

I always KNEW two things when I was younger... I wanted to be a mom, and I wanted to be a teacher. The mom thing was pretty evident to anyone who came near me! I LOVED being around babies. If there was a baby anywhere near me, you could bet I was parked right next to it. As I grew older, I pestered my aunts unmercifully until they would let me hold their babies. (Sorry to all my cousins that I drug around!) I could sit and hold a baby for the longest time, never tiring of looking at their little hands, their faces, and making them smile.

That "mothering" even carried over into my high school years, where I was called "mom" by people both older and younger than me. I was the shoulder that was sought out to cry on, I was the ear that listened to all of the problems. I was the voice that instilled some sense of sanity into a day. I am a people person, and even today I find myself listening to others, and loving on them the way that God would have me do.

Now... the other quest... teaching... that wasn't so evident to those around me. When I did finally go to college in the 80's, I studied Business Management... not something that I've used much over the years since.

When I returned to school last fall, I decided that I would go into the field of Medical Assisting... afterall, the medical field is booming right now. There will always be the need for those in the medical field... people are ALWAYS sick, right? So last semester, I took 9 credit hours towards that goal, and got a 4.0... YAY me.... and I was happy with that. This semester... I signed up for more classes, and then I realized something... I still wanted to be a teacher.

I struggled for a time with those thoughts. I asked God why I should change now... with classes already under my belt... it is a crazy idea! And the answer... I was BORN to be a teacher. So, over the summer I am changing my goals... and while the thought of losing what I've taken is daunting, I feel a sense of peace about the whole thing.

When I told the teacher who I worked for as an aide for a couple of years she said, "Finally... I told you that you were born to be a teacher."

When I told Michael's teacher she said, "That is great, Carol has always said you missed your calling, and I agree."

When another kindergarten teacher found out she said, "I think that is wonderful, you'll do great. You were born to teach!"

All words of confirmation that I needed to hear.... and I believe that they were sent to me by my Father, who has known all along that he created me for this... and he has been waiting patiently for me to "get on board". So God... sorry about your wait... I hope that I make you proud!!!



Rebecca Jo said...

You're TOTALLY making God proud every DAY friend!!! You're probably just giving Him a big sigh of relief though as he's thinking "Finally - she's got it!" :)

You rock lady!!!

God's Grace said...

Lynn that is funny because when i first began taking classes, about 6 years ago I think, I started out as a psyc major...then changed to into the program and hurt my back. while I was "healing" the Lord opened the door for us to adopt and school has been on hold since. until this semester...but guess what? I always wanted to be a teacher. Never thought I'd be good at it but I love little kids. Like K or under. Love Love Love to teach them. So I'm seriously thinking I'm switching to early elementary teaching. Lets see how this saga goes...right now I'm back as a psyc major just to get an associates which will only take a few I better make up my mind! I can't wait to read the rest of your story too!

Christy said...

YIPPPPEPEEEEEEE!!!!! I just love to see when people KNOW and GO after what God wants them to be - who He's designed them to be. It won't be hard for you, Lynn. He's made you for teaching, that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with's about time.