Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eating Healthy

I've started eating much healthier of late. During the holidays I not only packed on several unwanted pounds but I cause a really major flare up with my reflux. I'm talkin' major pain! So I decided to take a cue from my daughter, Chandra (see her blog here!) While she has never PACKED on the weight, she did have a struggle with reflux. She changed EVERYTHING... and she has been so much better. So why not try, right?

So every day, begin with a smoothie - 3/4 cup 100% Apple juice (no sugar added!), 1/2 cup plain Fat Free Yogurt, then some frozen fruit - peaches, strawberry, blueberries and banana (and yes, I freeze the banana - 1/2 them, wrap in plastic wrap, and bag them.) I do add one packet of Truvia (a sugar substitute)... and I must say, I LOVE this drink. Around 10:30 I have a few pretzels, or a box of raisins, or a low fat granola bar, and for lunch I don't vary much... 1/2 a sliced chicken sandwich, a few baked chips and sometimes some carrots or celery... and then I have another small snack around 3.

Sound boring???? Well... maybe... but I do get to shake it up for supper!!!

I decided to stay on track I had to make a menu (another Chandra idea!) So I sat down and did a two week menu... some of the items....

Baked Salmon with Carrot fries (yes, that does say carrot!)

Homemade pizza with basil pesto, fresh mushrooms, onions and cheese (see Chandra's blog!)

Oven Fried Chicken

Stir-fry chicken and veggies

Shrimp Scampi

Herb-crusted baked Cod with sweet potato fries

Hungry yet??? Sounds good, huh?

AND... I'm only drinking water... and lots of it. And the reflux has practically gone away. I'm still finding a few things that upset it, but I just make a note to avoid them and find something different to use instead.

The best part... I've lost around 15 pounds since New Years Day!!!! That is WITHOUT exercise... so that just shows how much "bad" stuff I was putting away!!! Today, I headed back to the "YMCA".... thinkin' that it is time to get in some exercise as well.

I've spent a lot of years not eating healthy, and it has definnitely taken it's toll on my body, but I can tell you that I KNOW that God wants me to be healthy so that I can serve him to the best of my ability. And MY BEST just hasn't been good enough of late. So it is time to make a change and make it last!

And check out Chandra's blog from time to time... she's planning to add some of her yummy recipes... you might just find that you and your family enjoy eating healthy as well!!!



Anonymous said...

How do you make the oven fried chicken? I never get it right.

Christy said...

Wow - all that sounds so tasty! I'll have to check out Chandra's blog to see if I can make adjustments for a low-carb diet. I've lost 11 pounds so far in three weeks. And I feel so much better too. Making these changes suck at first, but they're so much better for us! Although, in high-stress moments I still want chocolate or ice cream!