Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joy in the Creation

Just wanted to post a couple of projects that I've had on needles since December.... finally completed! Yippee!!!

I went to a wonderful yarn store in Indy... my sister-in-law Sara is lucky enough to live a short distance from this store, and I honestly believe that I could spend all day there just looking at the yarn and touching it. However, I doubt that I could affort much, as we found one skein that was $140!!! Yes, you read that right... $140.00!!! That is grocery money, folks.

However, they did just happen to have a clearance room... and once I found that out I headed that direction. I came across some of the most amazing looking yarn, and it was originally $40. I did the math, figured out I could get it for $10, and with the urging of Sara, I brought it home. Of course, I also found a few other little goodies as well! The shawl below is what I created with that yarn... and now I'll have to purchase something to wear it with (darn the luck ;) )

At Christmas, I made the cutest little capelet for my buddy Chasity. When I finished it, I absolutley loved it. So I dived into my stash, found some really nicely colored sock yarn, and I knit another one up for me!

And I've already bought a shirt to wear with this on! ;)

Next on the needles... a pair of socks and a lace project. I've had this lace for well over a year, and I've started a couple of things and it just didn't work for me. I ran across a simple lace project so I'm gonna give it a shot!
I'm always amazed when I complete a project. I find it so rewarding to take a skein of yarn that has no shape or form, and turn it into something that is pretty and useful. I think that crafting of any type is a gift that God has given us to show us how fulfilling it is to create something. When I'm finished, I look at what I've done and I'm happy... and I think that must be only a fraction of how God felt as he created us! To think that he can take something that has no shape or form (ME!!) and turn me into something that he views as beautiful and useful for his purposes... well... I know that he must love so much more than I deserve!
Go ahead... make something, and look on what you've made... see how it makes you feel... and then know that what you feels is small in comparrison to what God feels about HIS creation... YOU!!!


God's Grace said...

how about you model the shawl and the hat (not at the same time!) to see your handiwork!

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE both projects!!!

HMMMMM.... sock yarn for the capelet? You'll have to tell me what size needles you used... I may have to try that myself now...How many skeins did it take with that too? Cant wait to see these in person so I can do the "knitting Feel" thing :)

erica said...

beautiful!! You are so talented!!