Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baahhhhhh.... Stupid Sheep......

In our Sunday School class, (Mickey and I teach 1st through 5th graders!), we've been talking about Jesus being the "Good Shepherd"... and we've been talking about sheep! If you ask my class what they are, they will yell "Stupid Sheep"... and yes, I know that "stupid" isn't a good choice of words, but it is the one they chose!

Last week we talked to them about how important it is to listen. That if you don't listen carefully, and you aren't paying attention to the details, then you can get lost. I briefly showed them a couple of items that I had brought from home when I was welcoming them, and told them how much I liked those items. Then I placed them out of sight and asked them to draw what they had seen.

It was comical to watch them, because while they remembered the shape, they couldn't add the details to what they had seen. Then I brought the items back out and asked them to take a longer look at the items because we were going to draw them again. This time some of their pictures were amazing... because they KNEW what to expect. They had heard the INSTRUCTIONS! And then we told them that the INSTRUCTIONS they need to know what God wants from them in their lives are easily available... IN THE BIBLE. And that while the instructions are there, they will only know how to use them if they LISTEN to the voice of the MASTER telling them what to do.

Tomorrow we are going to talk to them about following the RIGHT voice. That as "sheep" there are many "shepherds" trying to capture our attention... and if we don't listen to the right voice, we might get led astray!!!

To bring that point home we are going to make the cutest little lambs....

... part of the fun of our class is that we are very 'PROJECT' oriented... and the kids love it. We try and do a craft at least 3 out of 4 Sundays so that they remember!!!! Love teaching these kids... and I love what they teach me in return.



Rebecca Jo said...

I wanna come to your class tomorrow!!!! :)

God's Grace said...

Love the ideas Lynn! may use that someday!