Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

kendFirst, I need to thank my sister friend Rebecca for the pictures. My camera has expired... so I don't have one that is readily available. Mickey does have a work camera, but it is kept in his work van, so I can't just grab it at a moments notice. So thanks friend for the use of the pictures!

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Ariel on a pie! Carly celebrated her 18th Birthday yesterday and her request.... a pecan pie with an Ariel candle....
She had a great day... a great weekend actually... Friday, Mickey and I went and got her a newer, improved cell phone. When we gave her first cell phone to her, it was my old one, no bells or whistles. The phone she has now is pretty cool, and she was very excited about it. Then Saturday she went bowling with friends, then they headed to Cici's Pizza. Yesterday, we had family and friends in for her official birthday dinner. All foods requested by her... sort of.
Her requests... Grilled Mesquite Chicken, potato salad and fiesta pasta salad. We added in green beans for those people who didn't was a carb day! The day was beautiful, and she had a wonderful time. Our baby girl is officially an adult now!
Michael and the grands were determined to head outside, and they asked everyone to take them. Finally they made it around to Pappy, who happily put on his jacket, bundled them all up, and headed outside to play.
I just love this picture... this is in our back yard. Mickey has the kids at the edge of the woods and Camden, Kailyn and Emma are looking to see if they can find the "bears and alligators" that apparently live there!!!!
God has truly blessed us!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

You know I'm ALWAYS ready with a camera!!!

And I'm ALWAYS up for a carb day! Good choice Carly! Everything was so yummy!

I loved that picture of Mickey with the grands too... so sweet how he just played with them outside for so long! I laughed on the way home though thinking about "They're throwing things in the pool?"

Anonymous said...

Cam is obsessed with crocodiles and alligators