Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Break???

The kids are out of school today and tomorrow for all break, but I'm wondering... WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO FALL???? Yes, the trees are turning... and it has cooled... but hey... it seems down right cold for this time of the year. And I'm not sure we'll have the leaves to enjoy long if the these rains keep happening!
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.... aside from the allergy allert that my body goes in to. I love all of the colors... Carly gets so tired of hearing me say, "Oh, look at that tree... it is beautiful". But I can't help myself.... God just really out did himself when it came to creating fall! Can't you just imagine his excitement as he brushed on all the colors that would be used in his creation. Living in the woods affords me views out both the front and the back of the house that I can enjoy.

And honestly, I don't think we spend nearly enough time thanking God for the beauty around us. I believe that there are times when we don't see it at all, we are so focused on other stuff...

So I encourge you to stop for a moment and take a look around you.... really focus on the colors... enjoy a sunrise or a sunset.... and then thank God for the beauty that you see!


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Joe said...

I love the fall as well. Just wish we could have all the colors with summer weather!! 8)