Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Had the kids and grands in Saturday... a wedding to attend... a cookout for Rachel's birthday... and celebrating a holiday weekend. It was a great time... and here is the calm before the storm...

The kids were pretty content while Pappy cooked up some burgers... they were willing to sit in front of the TV and watch some Looney Toons!

Kailyn and Michael were busy riding Michael's 4-wheeler... and at first he was in the driver's seat. But... that was short lived. She let him drive through the front yard, had him stop, and she took over... and by the end of the evening, we had to line them all up for a good cleaning.... Camden was already in the tub, as he spent a huge amount of time rolling around in the yard!

Can you see the dirt on those feet? And their hands weren't much better.... so as I sat down with them for a foot washing, Rachel grabbed the camera and said, "Look at Nanny... she is lovin' em like Jesus!"

Must say, the water was pretty brown by the time I got to Michael... and it made me stop and think... I only washed 4 feet in that water (clean enough to get them all into the shower or the tub!). I couldn't imagine what a foot washing in Jesus' day must have looked like... or how good it must have felt.
Each one of the kids commented on the warmth of the water (wonder if they warmed the water in Jesus' day?! Doubtful...) they talked about how good it felt, and they loved the attention. And I have to tell you, I felt pretty good about doing this for the kids... it was so neat to watch their faces, to feel them relax under my touch... just a little insight into another time....
A great weekend... with one more day to go... looking forward to a little down time with my sweet husband... God is so GOOD!!!!

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