Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Have just started back to school has brought about some changes here in our household. Where I was once a stay at home mom who occasionally subbed at the local school, I am now a student. That doesn't just mean that I go to school and come home, it means I have to study as well. So I've had to make some adjustments. My good friend Kim not only goes to school, but owns her own business AND has children... not sure how she manages to find enough hours in the day.

When you begin something new, it can be time consuming, and everyone feels this to some degree. Be it the husband who is taking up some of your slack, or the children who aren't getting your undivided attention as they think they should. Everything begins to center around that thing that is consuming your time.... and today I wondered... why am I not as consumed with GOD as I am with my schooling???

The answer is simple... I have given him second place... heck... maybe even third or fourth! And that just makes me feel terrible... so now I have to do more readjusting... but this time... I think I have my priorities a little straighter!!!!

So I am wondering, have you ever been down this path? And if so... what did you do to bet yourself corrected??


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Rebecca Jo said...

WOW... that's a powerful thought!!!