Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm A Winner

I take part in a "Sock A Month Knit Along", basically I try and knit a sock every month and post it to the blog. We just finished SAM 7, with each KAL running six months. This was my third SAM, and each month I have watched as winners of drawings have taken home "fabulous prizes". Yarns... most hand dyed, have brought tears to my eyes... markers, lovingly made, have made my simple plastic markers pale by comparison... and each month I have NOT been the winner. You see... I just don't win stuff.... until NOW!

I had put my socks on the blog early in July so that I could concentrate on other Christmas gifts, and had not checked back. I received an email from Zonda, one of the administrators of the blog with a link back to the blog... and there it was...

...400 yards of the most beautiful spring colored sock yarn you have ever seen... with my name below it as the winner!!! (And that little package you can see at the front... MARKERS! Yes... I was so very happy when this arrived!) Anyway... I digress.... I was SO excited when I saw this blog entry that I called out to Mickey with the news... he said, "That's nice"... NICE???? Okay... this was WAY better than nice!!! Then I told Carly, who politely smiled and said, "That's great, Mom." GREAT???!!!! Again... why all the lack of enthusiasm???? So I did the only thing that a girl can do in a situation such as this... I sent the link to my best sister-friend, and fellow yarn lover, Rebecca... and I awaited her reply. I was NOT disappointed... there were more question marks and exclamation points in her email than there had been in the conversations with my family. FINALLY... someone who understood the importance of this occasion!!!

Now... don't get me wrong... my family was thrilled for me... but they were thrilled as only those looking in from the outside can be... they did not have the JOY of a knitter plastered on their faces... or dripping from the voices... but I love them anyway. Afterall... not everyone is called to LOVE YARN... we are a chosen few!



Rebecca Jo said...

We are a select few... but we are DEDICATED! :) YARN LOVERS OF THE WORLD - UNITE!!!!

Yeah - Ricky would care less that package of yarn came in yesterday... then he doesnt get it when I tell him to "just feel it!"... but then I yell at him because his hands have to washed before he can touch it!!! He just doesnt get it :) Just another reason why we're buddies!!!

Cant wait to see your creation with this yarn!!!!! (MORE EXCLAMATIONS!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I love the colors and you will have to show me the markers when I come down. I may not have the patience to knit but I do love to look and feel yarn.