Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh NO!!!!, What is this, and Women of Faith

Last week we had a pretty hefty storm move through, and as Carly and I were helping Rachel get the "grands" out of the van we heard a huge popping noise. When I got in the house and looked out the window this is what I found! Fortunately, the playset was NOT damaged... just a lovely old tree.

And WHAT IS THIS???? Mick found this in the woods near our home. We have NO clue what kind of plant this is, so I am thinking that some of my bloggy friends might have a clue.

Whatever it is, it is kind of cool looking isn't it?

And Friday we were off to Women of Faith where we met up with 50 women from our church and an additional 12,000 of our newest friends! Prior to our arrival in Indy, we stopped off at the outlet malls for a little recreational therapy... one of Carly's purchases...

... these truly amazing sunglasses. And she and Bec managed to put on a fashion show in Rue 21...

Normally, Bec would have just KNIT these hats, but hey... for $6 AND it matched her shirt... yeah....
Our first speaker at WoF was Patsy Clairmont... how I LOVE this woman. She can have you laughing like crazy one minute and bawling like a baby the next. She is truly a gifted speaker and the way she weaves words into stories... only someone truly gifted by God could do what she does....

AND ... yes... Steven Curtis Chapman was our concert the first night. Thought I was gonna have to chain Bec to her seat... but she was a good girl. She DID rush the stage, with Carly close behind camera in hand. (check here to see the picture). He was truly amazing... and I was in tears listening to this man's testimony.

And meet two of my wonderful friends.... Vicki and Sha. This mother / daughter duo are some pretty awesome people!!! My friend Vicki opted to attend the second day of WoF "topless"!!! Yep... she is battling cancer, and is just beginning to get a little "peach fuzz" going... and I was SO VERY PROUD OF HER for leaving her hat in the car! I am so excited to see that her hair is beginning to peek through, and believe that she should wear it PROUDLY like a badge of honor. She is truly an amazing lady, and has raised her daughter to be pretty amazing as well. Sha just happens to be one of the most awesome children's ministers I've ever had the honor of working with!

And who knew that "pop art" could be so colorful??? The lovely "street artists" below are my best sister-friend Rebecca, my oldest daughter Chandra, my youngest daughter Carly and my middle daughter Rachel. They literally almost knocked a couple of guys over on the sidewalk striking this pose!!!
The weekend was amazing... we were all moved... we were all touched by the speakers... and we were all sad to see the fun end... and if you want to join us next year... mark your calendars for August 20-21st!!! It's an awesome time and we would love to see you there!!!


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Rebecca Jo said...

That looks like a spawn of an alien... dont touch it ever again!!!!

I too was so proud of Vic... she looks LOVE-LY!!!!! I bet someone saw her without a hat & thought, Why am I wearing this? & took her's off!!!

Too much fun! Thanks for letting me hang with you & your girls... & letting me corrupt Carly into running down to the stage with me! :)