Friday, May 29, 2009

A few prayer requests

* My granddaughter, Emma Rose, who has been dealing with JRA as a 2 year old is in need of prayer. The doctors told Rachel today that it appears that Emma now has RA in her neck, and possibly in a hip. She is also showing low levels of IGG, which fight off infection. If they can't get that level up they will have to do IV meds once a month. They cannot raise the Enbrel she is taking to help combat the RA in her neck because she isn't "heavy" enough yet. Please keep Emma in your prayers.

* My"pretend daughter" Erica will be induced next Friday, giving birth to my "pretend granddaughter" Emily. Please keep them in your prayers as Erica is on bed rest.

* Rachel's sister-in-law, Sarah, is 27 weeks pregnant, and has been hospitalzied... issues with the baby AND the pregnancy... they will be taking the baby on Monday as the doctor believes that the baby has a better chance of survival outside the womb. Please keep them in your prayers.

* My friend, and fellow adoptive mom Sandy, has been having trouble eating and can actually feel a mass in her stomach. She will have an upper GI to determine the problem. They suspect stomach cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. She is specifically request prayers for healing.

* Mickey and the Dominican Republic tean will be traveling on Tuesday, and will return the following Tuesday. Please keep the team in prayer as they prepare for their trip, while they are there, and for their safe return. I also ask that you be in prayer for those they will come into contact with... pray that they will meet Jesus in a mighty way!

Thanks for taking the time to lift up these prayer requests. Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.


Rebecca Jo said...

So much to pray for... glad you put them all up here so I can keep track of it all specifically when praying!!!

(Yes, I can pray in front of a computer!!) :)

Rachel V. said...

crappy, crappy day....

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Glad to know you've started walking...not for the first time.


Christy said...

I will certainly keep these requests in my journal - with me at all times!