Monday, June 1, 2009

The Walk

Rebecca, Carly and I joined others on Saturday for an Arthritis Walk in Louisville. We were there in support of my granddaughter, Emma Rose, who has JIA (formerly referred to as JRA). As you can see, I am sporting a blue ball cap (much to Carly's dismay). These were given out to all walkers who have arthritis. While I don't normally wear a cap (as you can see I look like a total DORK in one!) I was happy to do so for this day. There were 15 members on our team (and yes, we had to count Emma, Levi and their cousin Lily, even though they were in strollers!) and we raised $1, 045.00 for research. (And I managed to walk the ENTIRE 5K!! I was so happy with that!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!)

Carly was pretty proud of her socks... check them out! She wanted something special, and this is what we came up with. Cute huh? Oh, and the socks are cute too!!!!

And judging from the smile on Michael's face, he had a great weekend himself. What makes him smile this big? That's an easy answer.... our granddaughter Kailyn came down for the weekend.

While he also loves Camden, Emma and Levi... Kailyn is his BEST FRIEND and he loves it when she makes it down to play. His new swing set that we built got a massive workout on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of sliding, swinging and playing in the rocks...

.. and check out Emma's hair... talk about static cling. We took some video, it would go down when she bent over to pick up rocks and then fly out again when she stood up... very funny!!!!!

Didn't get a good picture of Levi Sunday... he was a little on the grumpy side... cried every time Pappy looked at him (or he looked at Pappy!) so there was a ton of crying going on. Believe that he is trying to cut a few more teeth... poor little guy!

We also had a special day on Friday as it was the....

Last Day of School!!!

Michael graduated from Kindergarten.. and while we are opting to have him take Kindergarten over, he went through the graduation with his friends anyway. He did a great job, as all of them did, singing and receiving their diplomas. His redo isn't because of academics, but more to allow him to mature. He has only been with us for 2 1/2 years, and he still has some things he needs to learn... one more year should do the trick... we have seen so much growth over the past year, it is unbelievable!

Michael, Principal Debbie Esary (l) and his teacher Mrs. Moore (r)

And this means that Carly is now a SENIOR... where does the time go???



Rebecca Jo said...

Love all those grands! And Carly looked adorable!!! I cant believe she's a SENIOR!!! I feel faint at the thought myself!

We totally should have braided some yarn & stuck under your ball cap for braids like me & Carly!!!! Wouldnt that have been great!!!

Carly said...

Those are my finger nails!!! Pretty awesome stuff!! I agree with Bec that would have been awesome!!