Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

What a wonderful weekend this has been!

Yesterday we took Michael to our church Easter egg hunt. Our oldest daughters met us there with our grands... and I must say they had a great time. Mickey acted as the official photographer for the event, and he got some wonderful photos of all the children, including our own!

We also celebrated with our family yesterday so the girls could attend their own services today. Great photo ops there as well.

Before I leave you with pictures to check out, I just want to add that I hope you all had a blessed Easter... our service today was great, very touching... and we had an awesome lesson with our elementary age Sunday School class. They are a great group of kids, and we enjoy them all.

Happy Easter... Christ has risen!!!! He LIVES!!!!!

Mickey, Michael, Lynn and Carly

Michael was pretty chilly at the "Ranch" for the egg hunt!

Camden was ready to have some fun!

Little Miss Serious... that's our Kailyn

Levi loved the eggs!

The wind was a bit much for our Miss Emma Rose!

All the grands!
Chandra and Family

Rachel and Family

Mickey and Carly!


Rebecca Jo said...

Love all the pictures!!!

Who knew Tom Selleck would come to the Easter Egg Hunt in Greenville!!! JOKING MICKEY!!!!

Terry said...

Love the Pictures!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Loved the photos of your family, what beautiful grandchildren!