Monday, April 20, 2009


I know, it has been over a week since I last posted... SORRY!!! I subbed several days at our local Elementary, and I have NO computer access there. And by the time I got home and checked email and read all of the blogs I follow there was just no time to post.

Friday... Mickey took the day off and we headed to Lowe's where we purchased the wood to begin building Michael's "playground", as he likes to call it. We got a decent start on it that day, but we were both covered up this weekend, so we'll resume work on that project later in the week when it stops raining and warms up a bit!

Saturday morning I awoke to these words... "The fridge is dead." Yep... NOT the words you want to hear when you are still warm and cozy under the blankets! And not only was it dead... but Mickey was headed out to work a project to raise money for his mission trip... so Carly and I managed to get most of the food into coolers and get it iced down. Then... in the midst of fixing a cake for a baby shower... I headed off to find a new fridge. Good news..... found one I liked... bad news... it won't arrive until Wednesday!!! Luckily, they are going to deliver a "loaner fridge" this morning to hold us over. Yes... it is VERY GOOD to shop local!!! Have you ever heard of a Lowes or Home Depot that would bring you a fridge to use until your new one arrived??? Or deliver it free??? OR haul off your old one???? Yes... sometimes LOCAL is the ONLY way to go.

I did manage to get the Baby Shower cake finished... along with the cake balls (very yummy!)... I had completed all of my baking on Friday so it would all be cooled (even did pumpkin bread!!!) Here is the cake... my first attempt at fondant... not a huge fan of the taste... but love the look!!

Our friends, Erica and Joe, are expecting their little girl, Emily Jean, in June. Their first child... and I just love both of them dearly. In fact, Erica fits in rather nicely as another daughter! They are going to be such awesome parents, and little Emily is already so very loved! And she is going to enter the world with a host of new Aunts who just can't wait to get ahold of her! Honestly, she will be the age of my grands... and as they call me Nanny, I'm gonna teach her to call me "Aunt Nanny"... while I am way to old to be her aunt (okay... maybe GREAT AUNT!) and she already has three grandmas... I think that Aunt Nanny will work nicely. CAN'T WAIT to meet this little one!

They received SO MUCH at their shower... it will take them days to figure out where to put it all. But it was neat to watch Erica as she opened each package. You could see the excitement written all over her face. Erica's best friend, Angie, pulled everything together and she did a great job. Rebecca did the games (oh yeah... you know it... we did the candy bar "baby poop" game!!!) and there were several people who pitched right in to set up and clean up. If you aren't sure what friendship looks like, you should have seen the flurry happening around this shower... it was an awesome picture of truly showering someone with love.

Enough about my weekend... hope that you all had a wonderful one... time to go and catch up on all that was left undone over the course of the past three days!!!


Joe said...

That cake was awesome Lynn as well as the "cake balls". You did such a great job. Erica and I are truly thankful for you and your hard work!

It's great to know we have friends like you Aunt Nanny! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Your cake was BEAUTIFUL... & am I weird - I LOVE the taste of Fondant... THICK SUGAR? How can you go wrong?

And yes, I now only want Cake Balls... those are the BEST!!! My mom was asking how you even made them? You'll have to tell me the secret!

erica said...

It was so amazing to see so much love put into everything from the cake to the games and the gifts. Myself, Joe and now Emily are all so blessed to have such a great extended family!! She is gonna love you as much as we do. Thank you so much for all the you do for us.

Christy said...

That cake looked awesome! Great job, Lynn!