Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What must God hear?

Every three months I get to sing with the church praise band... I'm a "doo wop girl" and get to sing with my sister friend, Rebecca. Honestly, we do a little giggling along the way, but hey... God has come to expect this from us!

Anyway, Sunday morning I was out the door at 7:30 AM, headed in for the 8:00 AM practice. It was a beautiful morning... and as I looked around I thought (as I have a million times) how can anyone look at creation and not see God? The sheer enormity of it all... and how it is so intricately woven together! How can anyone deny the presence of God when they look at the trees, the sky, the grass, the birds... etc... etc... etc! Then I wondered... what does God see when he looks down on this earth that he created?!

My thoughts then turned quickly to this thought... here it was, early on a Sunday morning... the one day of the week where so many are focused on Him... and I wondered... was he hearing prayers being lifted up to begin the day? Was he hearing conversations that were pleasing? Was he excited that someone... somewhere... was giving thanks for all that he had created? That he had given? That he continues to give??

Then it hit me... what is louder... the prayers of praise... or the cries of the lonely? Or how about the cries of anger... of hatred?? And what about the voices of those who refuse to hear God when he calls?? Are they overpowering the voices of those who call upon his name.

I believe that God hears everything... that he has is hand over us all... no matter where we fall on the belief scale... and I wondered... what stands out the most as he listens? I must admit... I found myself tearing up as I drove down the road... because as I look about our world today, I fear that the voices of the unbeliever are beginning to overpower the voices of the believer. And that makes me very sad... and not for myself... but for God... because I know that he longs to be in relationship with us ALL!!! And I know that right now... his heart must be breaking!

It was a sobering way to begin the week... and the thought has stayed with me. Praise him... glorify his name... and let him hear your voice! In the process, your relationship with him will grow deeper and be strengthened!!!


Anonymous said...

This is something that Kailyn and I do every night as we say her prayers. We thank him for things that we've seen or done throughout the day.

Rebecca Jo said...

wow...that's all I can say... wow... very powerful words

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What a thought provoking post! What must He hear? I hope He hears me praising more than grumbling. Thanks for the reminder,