Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goodbye my friend

We received word that our friend, Bob, went home to meet his Savior last night. He has had a mighty battle going on over the past few months, and the struggle was great... more than his heart could withstand. I know that his wife, his children, and grandchildren will miss this dear, sweet man.

I first met Bob shortly after we began attending GCC. We were both singing in the choir. I was always struck by the joy he showed as he sang. I soon learned that his daughter-in-law was the church's Children's Minister... and Sha, along with her husband Bobby, had a very active children's ministry. It wasn't long before I volunteered for my first VBS at GCC, and enjoyed every minute of it. Bob was always present, helping out in anyway he could.

This soon led to me volunteering my time at church camp, and despite having lung issues, Bob was right there at camp too. He loved to work with the kids there, and loved to support Sha's work with the children. Over the next three years Bob and I served at church camp together. We even managed to round out the "gimp squad" a couple of years ago.

Right before camp began, I managed to break my foot, and another volunteer managed to tear his knee... but we were both determined to attend camp. So Bob, who was dealing with major lung issues, decided that he would go and rent a golf cart for our stay. We members of the "gimp squad" spent the three days of camp tooling around in our awesome ride! We had so much fun, and Bob, well... he ended up giving rides around the camp to all the kids. I am not sure who had the most fun, Bob or the kids!

Over the past few weeks Bob's illness had taken its toll, but he still managed a smile for anyone who came to visit. But I am not choosing to remember Bob as I saw him last. I will remember his smile as he would said, "Hello Ms. Lynn"... I will remember that he always answered "Finer than a frog hair split three ways" when asked how he was feeling, and I will remember him sitting behind the wheel of a golf cart at Scenic Hills Christian Camp... a huge smile on his face as he gave those children the ride of their lives.

He was a husband who was loved, a father who poured himself into his children, and a Gramps who was so proud of each of his grandchildren. But most importantly... he was a son of God, who is now spending eternity at the feet of the Savior he served.


Terry said...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend....

Rebecca Jo said...

What nice memories of a man who touched so many lives!!!

Oh, to think how lucky he is that he's with our Savior right now & in no pain...& to think how heart broken those are who are left behind...

Until we're all together again!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Lynn, I know your heart hurts. I remember the passing of Brother John, who worked with me on Wednesday night at church, who volunteered at camp. His passing was hard on our kids at church.

But, we could rejoice, knowing he was with our Savior.

Blessings to you and your church family,