Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vacation Update

Know that it has been awhile since I last posted... I have been away on vacation and then playing catch-up. Isn't it amazing... you do laundry so you can pack, then you get back and do more laundry... and then you have to go to the grocery! Oh well... all caught up with that part, anyway.

Mickey, Carly, Michael and I headed to Washington DC over spring break. This is a place that I have always wanted to go to. So, this was kind of like MY vacation... and I enjoyed it.

Our first stop... the Washington Monument... it was really something to see... so much larger than you think when you see it on TV... and looking across at the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memoriall... wow... that is all I could say... oh yeah... and I cried.

Yep... I cried... couldn't help myself. I was amazed by the whole thing. And the WWII Memorial.... yep... cried again! All those lives lost... so that we could enjoy the freedom that we have today!

And Grandma and Grandpa Neal gave Michael a penny before we left. Told him to take it to the Lincoln Monument... he asked about it when we got there. We produced the penny and made sure to take a picture of him with it in front of Lincoln. (Don't worry Grandma and Grandpa... your copy is on the way!) And we only had one family picture taken on the whole trip... the perks of being the bearer of the camera!

Carly couldn't wait to get her picture in front of the reflecting pool... she actually told us she was going to run into the water yelling "Jenny... Jenny... " Yep... Forrest Gump!

We did alot of walking... a lot of sightseeing... and we had a great time... I would suggest a DC trip to anyone... very enjoyable! My favorite... the changing of the guard at the Arlington National Cemetary... amazing... and the number of tomb stones... staggering.

The Washington National Cathedral

The National Zoo - who doesn't love a panda!

And finally... our kiddos at the White House.....

Yep... a good time was had by all!!! (Although Michael was ready to come home right after we got there... what a homebody!!!)


Rebecca Jo said...

I so wanna go myself!

Love that picture of Michael with his penny - he looks so happy!

And I wonder how many people do actually do the Forrest Gump thing?

Christy said...

I loved it, myself. When I was on my "tour," I pointed out to my driver the spots I could recognize from being on "24!" And it's awesome that the pool was filled - it's pretty disgusting without water in it.

Terry said...

I was wondering where you were! I had Michael on the HP last week and wondered why you hadn't mentioned it :-) We are planning a trip to DC soon. We don't live too far so will probably take a day trip.

Have a safe trip!