Sunday, February 1, 2009

Playing Tag

My sister friend Rebecca, (who happens to love my pumpkin bread) has invited me to play a game of tag! Okay... I hated tag as a child. Imagine this... a vertically challenged, slightly overweight little girl with the shortest bangs in seven counties running with ALL her might, and still unable to catch anyone. Yeah... you get the picture. Not a pretty sight then, not a happy memory now. But this kind of tag... yeah... I can rule here!!!

So here are the rules...

1. Link to the person who tagged you - Thanks Bec!
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged. This is kind of a fun way to get to know people

So we begin...
1. I wanted to be a teacher. Yep... you guessed it... it never happened. Hence the word "wanted". But God is so cool... while I never managed to go to school, I do substitute at the local elementary... and I have taught Sunday School for years. So while I'm not what you would call "a real teacher", I have definitely managed to make an impact on the lives of some kids!

2. On that note... I love kids. Always have. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time snagging up the babies of any family member that wasn't afraid that I would drop their precious little newborn! As I got older I was continually "adopting" kids. One year I brought a young girl from Denmark into our home when it turned out her "host family" was running from the law. (Long story... happy ending!) Eventually that translated into adopting Michael, who is an awesome little boy, and who is well loved by all his big sisters, his daddy and his mommy!

3. I have been a "jack of all trades" when it comes to crafting. I have been known to crochet, oil paint, quilt, paint t-shirts, do floral design, make jewelry, and my favorite (for now!) knitting. Yes... I have a crafty side and I love trying new things.

4. For three years I owned a Christian newspaper... nothing very big, but a huge deal for me. I loved writing articles and doing interviews. I got to meet some wonderful people through the paper, and I learned about so many different ministries. It was a very blessed three years, and I do miss it at times. Guess that is why I enjoy blogging!

5. Cooking... I love it! I like trying out new recipes... okay... I like merging several different recipes to get the desired outcome. My family... they don't always like it so much, but I find it fun. And I really love to cook for other people. Especially baking!

6. I love to sing! I used to sing all the time... performing solos etc. I don't do that so much anymore, but I still love to sing. I am a "do-wop girl" (along with Rebecca, yep... she sings too!) for our church praise band. I love doing harmony so much more than singing solos. I love to find just the right note.. just the right blend. You see... we don't get sheet music... it's a "do it by ear" thing that I find a challenge. I truly enjoy it!

There you are... six things about me! Nothing that will set the world on fire... but I hope that you found something of interest.

Now... who to tag????

1. First... one of my adoption buddies... Terry over at Forever a Family. This awesome lady is waiting to bring Asher home from Haiti... give her a visit and a few words of encouragement as she waits.

2. Another adoption buddy Robbie over at And Now there are Five. Talk about a busy lady. Not only does she have 3 teens but two little beauties she adopted from China... and she is a teacher too! She is working hard to raise her family up loving the Lord!

3. Then go meet Brenda at The Adventures of the Yonker Family. Right now her five kiddos are awaiting her arrival home as she and hubby Stan have traveled to Haiti on a mission trip... if you want to be blessed and see God at work, go take a look at the wonderful work they doing in HIS name for the people of Haiti.

4. One of my daily visits is to check on the antics of The Kobialka Family. Most days I can be assured that this funny lady will bring a smile to my face! The adventures she conjures up for her children are truly memory makers.

Okay... from here... I have to be a rule breaker! Only four blogs to tag... so I guess I am done. Hope that you all have a blessed day... and a Happy Super Bowl Sunday.... me... I'm sure we'll have the game one... but I'll be knitting.... yep... my version of the super bowl! (I only watch the commercials!)


Terry said...

Oh no! Well, I'll have to think about it what to write. I'm running out of interesting things about me. Really, I'm not so interesting. Maybe I should let my hubby write it and see what he comes up with!

WishTrish said...

You are so good to me! Thanks for the sweet words!

I, too, am a singer, and I, too prefer harmony. I've sung many duets with famous people like Harry Connick, Jr., Bono, and Sinatra (while driving in the car). Okay, so they don't know that I am their perfect blender... that's okay with me. :)

Show me how to knit! I bought all of the stuff a while back to learn, just haven't yet found the time.

Thanks again for the sweetness. I'll get to that tag ASAP. Right now I need to start the book that I am supposed to finish for book club tomorrow night... :)