Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another snow day

Yep... woke up this morning to a 2 hour school delay, and it ended up being a full day out. The snow was falling pretty good for awhile, but has tapered off somewhat... but more on the way. So much for a day of peace and quiet!

But... I am pretty excited... and I'll tell you why! One of our church elders has come up with an awesome idea... and I get to help. He wants to put together a booklet of devotionals written by various members of our congregation... 40 devotionals for the 40 days before Easter. Not only was I asked to write a devotional, but I am going to design and put together the booklet. YEAH!!!! I have really missed writing articles, and the challenge of putting together a monthly publication... so this will be fun!

I am also looking forward to seeing what God leads me to write. Steve asked that the devotionals be on one of the following... Christ's suffering... His death... or His resurrection. All pretty heavy topics. Nothing light in any of those! I keep wondering what scriptures God will place on the hearts of those writing... which one will be mine... Old Testament... New Testament? Yep... looking forward to the whole process. We also plan to place the devotional up on a blog for those who might like to read along... so when that happens I'll be sure and post a link here.

Well... off to get another cup of coffee and read some scripture before I officially start my day! Hope your day is awesome!!!!

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