Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baking for my Buddies

Our church youth are having a bake sale tomorrow after church. The money raised will help the kids go on various trips. My buddies Rebecca and Erica hit me up for some Pumpkin Bread. Okay... actually they asked for zucchini bread, but the garden is a little bare right now! So I opted to substitute pumpkin instead.

Now... the funny thing is... this bread won't even make it to the table to sell... Rebecca will buy one... Erica the other! I just wish them both luck keeping this out of the hands of their husbands! Especially Rebecca's hubby Ricky... that man has one ferocious sweet tooth.

Have to say, there is no better way to spend a cold winters day than baking... even if I don't get any of it myself... hm..... I wonder how the family might enjoy some nut bread????? Off to do a little more baking!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE!!!!! Yes - already SOLD! I dare someone to try & meet you in the parking lot to get it before me... you put a big red SOLD sign on it already for me!! And yes, I'm already getting a "stash" area where I can hide it from Ricky... he can buy more goodies - help with the kids & he can keep his little hands off of my bread... yummmmm... cant wait! THANKS FRIEND!

Rachel V. said...

You ould have made snow bread from your garden. Or just made your daughter some bread :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Come back over... tagged you on my blog... tell you youngest to check her's too.... i'm MAKING her blog!! hehe!

Erica said...

Lynn that bread is pretty much fantastic. Don't think it could be any better unless Jesus himself broke it with me!!! And by the way Emily loves it! Thanks I love you!!