Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Surviving the Snow Storm

Well... the snow came... and it is gone... and wow... did we get a lot! Including the ice we measured 8 inches here in Southern Indiana. Now, for some of you, that might not sound like much, but for us... it is plenty.

The freezing rain began yesterday afternoon and continued through this morning. It changed back to snow around 6:00 AM. Around 3:00 AM we began to hear tree limbs beginning to break under the weight. We knew that eventually, we would be without power, and we were. It went out around 7:00 AM, but God is good, and it was restored around 2:00 PM... so we didn't do without for long, but there are still many who haven't had their power returned yet. And we may not be out of the woods. With winds increasing tomorrow, and the temperatures dipping, we just might find ourselves in the dark once again.

Mickey did take the kids outside today for a bit of sledding fun. I'll try and get pictures up tomorrow. Michael laughed the entire time they were outside. I watched from the window (okay... I'm a wimp... I HATE being cold!) and took some pictures and video. They have a tube they use, and Mickey has tied a long rope to it. This allows him to sling Michael down the hill and then hoist him back up. Okay... I say hill... not really... just a gentle incline in our front yard, but to a 6 year old, I'm sure that it appears to be a hill.

The kids will be out of school again tomorrow... I'll be surprised if they make it back at all this week... meaning that they will be going to school well into the first week of June. All of their "built in snow days" were pretty much used up when Ike blew through. Guess we'll just have to make a few adjustments when the time comes.

Hope that you have all managed to stay warm and toasty... and if you were snowed in that you got to enjoy a few of life's simple pleasures... a good book, a little knitting, and a nice nap!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I would have stayed inside too! Someone has to take pictures & videos - & inside nice & warm is the best way to do it!

I remember rolling down a MOUNTAIN when I was little - & saw it recently & saw it was like a little mole hill... its funny how as a child, things are bigger than they really are. Hope Michael gets to enjoy the HILL for as long as he can!!!