Sunday, January 25, 2009

The "N" Word(s)

Okay... now that I have your attention... My sister friend Rebecca over at Knit by God's Hand has tagged me with the letter "N". My job... name ten things that begin with the letter N that I love! This could be a real challenge. So here goes...

1. Nanny... that's me! I love being a Nanny to my four beautiful grands! It is really fun... more fun than being a mom (sorry kids!) because I can spoil them and then send them home! Oh, I am not bad about spoiling them... just little things like "special milk" that is only available at Nanny's house!

2. Needles... yes... the KNITTING kind... couldn't possibly keep from including knitting in this list! My favorites... bamboo... much warmer on the hands... and I LOVE circular needles for heavy projects... keeps the hands from hurting.

3. Noodles! And not just any noodles... the homemade noodles that my Grandma Re always made. She handed down the recipe, and a few of the kids ask for them on special occasions! They remind me of her... they bring back memories of my childhood... they say HOME!

4. Naps .. I don't take many, but on a cold winter's day, when the snow is falling and the world seems lazy... it is kind of nice to drift off into quiet slumber. And I REALLY like the word nap when Michael is taking one!

5. Nuts... I love to include them in my baking... especially pecans. You might not know it, but adding pecans to your baked goods help to keep them moist! And they are just plain yummy. I've recently discovered that a handful of almonds a day is actually good for you! YIPPEE!

6. Name... and not just any one name... I am thinking of Jesus and the many names that he goes by... Counselor... Great Physician... Savior... Redeemer... Mighty One... Friend... the list goes on and on... so many names rolled up in one man... the Son of God!

7. Necklace... I have a couple of favorites... one being the newest that Mickey gave me for Christmas... a gold heart with diamonds and emeralds... I love it! And the other... a cross necklace that I've had for years. I received it for my birthday one year, and it is really unique. The funny thing is how much Kailyn loved it as a baby. She constantly had it in her hands... and her mouth! Each grand after has managed to do the same... even they seem to love the cross, without really knowing its significance.

8. Notes... I love getting little notes from those I love. And I love writing little notes as well... I love writing notes about the sermons I hear... I love writing notes in the margins of my bible... I even love musical notes! I love the way they blend together, taking us to places in our imaginations that we might only dream of.

9. News... no... not the evening news... but good news... I love hearing about people's triumphs... their new beginnings... the happy moments in their days. And... THE Good News... the stories that remind me over and over again about the salvation given to us so freely through God's grace.

10. And finally NAILS! You may think this a strange choice... but nails, which were created to hold things in place, were used to hold Jesus to the cross. Not because he HAD to be there... but because he WANTED to be there... for you and for me... for my children... for my grandchildren... for all who claim him as their Lord and Savior and for all who will one day claim the same. Three nails, which on the surface can seem so insignificant... were used in such a way that they helped to change the world.

I must confess... when Rebecca sent me my letter I wasn't sure if I could possibly come up with 10 "N" words that would mean something to me... but I have to say that reflecting on a few of these has made my day.

Want to be a part of the fun? Leave me a message in the comments... I'd love to give you the same opportunity!


Rebecca Jo said...

you did soooo good!!!! Love them all!!! Love how you incorporated the "Nails" too... you are just awesome!

And oh girlie... I am so addicted to almonds lately!!! Ricky even stopped & picked me up a can coming home yesterday.... better than chocolates!

Erica said...

I got one, I love the Neals!!!!