Monday, October 6, 2008

Misson Accomplished!!!!

Yesterday's Stephanie's Hope Scholarship Fund event was a success!! A HUGE success I think!!!! We were able to raise $1,190.00 that will help us to enable other's to go on mission trips! I personally think that this is amazing!!! And I hear that there will be more money on the way so we will be over $1,200.00!!!!

There are just so many people I want to thank: Darryl and Denise Manias and ALL their boys, Adam, Evan and Nate! Rebecca and Ricky Vincent, Hank and Marie Henize, Christy Smallwood, Bill Peake, Jr., Steve and Vicki Meredith, Stephanie Walker, Steph's children Ryan and Amber (as well as some awesome grandkids who helped out!!!) and last (but by no means least!) Mickey. All of these folks cooked, served, set-up and cleaned up just because they are so passionate about missions. Job well done!!!!!!

Also, thanks to Carly for taking care of Michael while we got things up and running....

And to Barry and the GCC Praise band... AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!

For all of those who attended... I know that this was a day of mixed feelings... and I am thankful that you chose to spend the afternoon attending an event which will have the potential to change the life of someone in another country. Your dedication to the mission ministry of GCC was so very appreciated! Be on the lookout for information on our spring event after the first of the year... and get your walking shoes ready... we hope to plan a Walk-A-Thon!!!!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Thanks to you too for being open to the idea that God gave you to put this together!!!!

Steph would be so excited about this!!!!