Thursday, October 2, 2008

Major weekend approaching!

Tomorrow is Friday... and with Friday comes a host of opportunities to stay busy!!!!

On Friday I will go to Curves and take some bread that I will bake tonight for the Relay for Life team bake sale. And... I'll get in 30 minutes of exercise! Then I'll come home and bake four Bundt cakes for the Stephanie's Hope Scholarship Fund dinner Sunday. Don't worry... I'll make sure they are completely cooled and NOT iced before I wrap them tightly! I'll add the finishing touches on Saturday evening!

Saturday will find us busy again... Carly will have her District Competition in Southport. Their band plays at 11:52. We are still debating as to whether or not we are going to make the drive up. We hate to miss out on the big moments!!!! Either way, Saturday evening will find me baking pies for the fundraiser. Pumpkin for my buddy, Steve Meredith, who has been putting in extra time with the fundraiser. Talk about a busy man!!!! I appreciate him so much!

Sunday we will go and teach our class in the morning and then make our way over to The Ranch for the dinner. Pulled Pork BBQ, Baked Beans, Slaw or Potato Salad and a dessert!!! Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Not sure how much time I'll have to eat! Serving will begin at noon, and at 2:00 PM the church band, along with Smith and Company, will entertain our guests.

My prayer is that we will raise some money for this fund. I hope that this is a tremendous start to something that has the potential to bless people for years to come. I think that this is such a fitting way to pay honor to a friend who loved God so much and wanted nothing more than to serve Him.

So... if you have a little time on Sunday, and you are in the Greenville/Palmyra area, please come and join us for some great food... great music... and tons of fellowship! If you need directions... send me a comment... I'll be happy to fit an answer in to my busy schedule!!!!


MommyVee said...

mmmmm.... Pulled pork..... Count me in!

Rebecca Jo said...

Can't believe its here! Excited for it!

What a nice tribute for Stephanie & the missions that she loved so dearly!