Thursday, October 9, 2008

It has happened....


I had placed my resume on line at and I had filled out tons of applications... an nothing!

Then the other day a lady from an employment agency that places employees for the Family and Social Services office in Indiana called. She had pulled my resume off line and wanted me to come for an interview... or so I thought. When I showed up today, it was an orientation!!! After the first 15 minutes she told us that if we weren't interested in the job, we were free to leave. I decided that as I had been praying for God to give me the job of his choice, and I hadn't applied... nor did I know that I could walk away with the job today, this was something that he must be handing to me. So... I took the job! I begin on October 20th, and I'll be working in Jeffersonville. The money is good, and I am so excited!

What is the most exciting is the fact that this will allow us to help Carly go to college! I am thrilled about that! So... as always... GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Carly may be able to go to college - but what about our Scrabble games! Priorites Lynn - Priorities!!! (KIDDING!....sorta)

Joe said...

Very cool!

Christy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! IT's awesome to see God at work!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

NO you can't stop blogging!

I redid my tag if you want to come over and see. Anita tagged me too so I felt like I needed to do it right!