Friday, October 17, 2008

Costume Crazy!

We are having a "Fall Harvest Party" on October 31st... something that we have never held before, and we have told our guests to feel free to "dress up" if they want (nothing scary! Cute only please!)

Our oldest daughter has gone a little costume crazy... she decided that our granddaughter should be a fairy, and off she went in search of just the right materials. What she came up with was this "cutie tutie"....

How adorable is this? (And isn't my granddaughter just as cute as a button!!!) Well... Chandra posted this to her message board and there were people who were interested in purchasing them for their daughters. How cool is that? She has already sold two, and is hoping to take more orders. In the course of all of this, she has came up with the following name.....

Cute, huh? Now I have to tell you... this sort of thing runs in our family... it began with my grandfather - Pap Cullison as he was known to us. He would come up with an idea, and then run with it... he raised ponies and held pony rides at local carnivals - where he also set up a portable skating rink (complete with tent!). He once set up a "picture booth" at a local carnival - he stood out side telling people about the process and then my dad and my uncle took the pictures and developed them, so that people could come back and get their pictures later (sound familiar?). He "sold" that idea for $500! In later years he ran a dog kennel, raise birds of all sorts and sold them, and had milk goats selling their milk in the community. He always seemed to have something on the back burner.

My father has been a "jack of all trades" and I have held numerous jobs as well. I once baked pies for a restaurant, making 8 to 12 pies weekly. I started making corn husk dolls and ended up selling them in shops in Corydon. I have sold floral designs and wreaths, and I still make wedding arrangements periodically. I can crochet, and have sold some of that in the past, and I am currently on a "knitting binge"... crafting and selling just runs in the blood.

I'm happy to see that this "enterprising spirit" lives on in another generation... now... if I see her in the market to buy milk goats, I might have to step in... but in the meantime... if you need a tutu for a little princess (or yourself!), send her an email! She'll be happy to hear from you!

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Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I want one myself!!!!