Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and that....

Don't you just love good news? I do... it is always sheer joy to share in great news that is brought to you with a smile! You know who you are... and thanks for including me in your excitement!!! LOVE YOU!!!

And to my blogging friends... just because I've taken a job doesn't mean that I'll stop blogging!! Are you kidding me??? Whether anyone ever reads it is beside the point... I LOVE TO WRITE!!! So as long as I have this avenue available to me, I'll continue to use it. Words... they are just so much fun!!!

A thought or two on Satan and his incessant attacks.... while he can be persistent (just ask my friend Rebecca !) I fully believe that he is no match for my Savior!!!! My poor friend has been attacked in a most unusual way, but I believe it to be an attack just the same. I have never met anyone with more dental issues at one time, and while this might seem a simple thing to overcome, it can be daunting... and terribly frustrating! Satan is thrilled to take a time such as this and use it to bring you down.... but Jesus has other plans... plans to prosper you and give you peace... so rest easy my friend... God is SO in control, even if life feels out of control at the moment!!!!

GRANDBABIES.... aren't they the MOST amazing little people in the world? I got to spend the day with two of mine... Emma and Levi. We had a great day, and they are growing so quickly. I often wonder why we couldn't have just had grand kids first???? Impossible, I know... but if you've got them... I know you'll understand!!!!

And a final thought for the evening.... the Presidential election... I don't know who you are voting for... but I would ask that you keep this election in your prayers, and that God would place in office the person of HIS choice!!!! Can I get an AMEN?????


Joe said...


erica said...

Amen and I love you too!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love you my encouraging friend!!!

Looking forward to loving on grandbabies myself in just a few hours!!! YIPEE!