Thursday, October 23, 2008

Job Update... and an award!!!

Okay... first things first... Job Update... The job isn't what I was led to believe in the interview... which is a sad thing. Yes... I did feel that this was where God had led me... but I am not so sure that it was for the JOB so much as it has been for a young lady who works there... another story for another time.

Back to the job.... we had been led to believe that the job would entail gathering information and placing it with the applications... well... it is that... and so much more. More than I had bargained for. It turns out that you are, in fact, a case worker of sorts. You have to learn the regs for Food Stamps, TANF and all 28 forms of Medicaid! As I have progressed through the training this week, I have found myself coming to the realization that this just isn't really the job for me. And on top of it all... if you know me at all... you know that I HATE interstate driving... which I have to do twice a day in the job. So... tomorrow will be my last day... and I will continue my search for the right job. And the young girl I mentioned earlier... I think that she'll be just fine now.

And... on to the award....

My best buddy Rebecca received this award from one of her blogger buddies and bestowed it upon me. How cool is that! So here goes! I am to name 6 things that make me happy and then pass it on to three people....

1. Sitting on the couch with Mickey after all the kids have gone to bed just talking!

2. Having all our kids and grandkids together at one time. I love it!!!

3. Being with friends.... their laughter makes me happy!

4. The smell of ANYTHING sweet baking - pumpkin bread, pies, cookies, cakes... YUM!

5. Teaching kids... gotta love their questions and I love to watch them do crafts!

6. KNITTING... I love to watch how the patterns and colors come together!!!

So... there you have it... and I'm calling out Rachel, who has been honing some crafting skills..... and how about Carly who is such a musical person... now that is definitely "kreative"! And last, but not least Christy who just might amaze you all with some "flag tossing skills" if you give her a chance!!!! Have a great time with this... it makes you just feel all fuzzy when you write about the stuff that makes you happy!!!!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

So glad to hear you are going to look for something else....I hated it for you!!!!!!

You were encouragement to someone else - like you said - your job is done!