Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a difference....

Learning about Jesus is important... meeting Jesus is even more important!

This thought has been rambling about my mind for several days now. We can teach people ways to study the bible... we can give them historical information... we can help them memorize verses... show them maps, facts and figures outlining Christ's journey, the people he healed and the lives that he touched. There are just so many ways that we can teach about Jesus. And teaching about Jesus is important... but there is just so much more!

The change in a person's life doesn't come from hearing about Jesus... it comes when they meet him face to face.

At the WoF conference Nicole C. Mullen talked about the woman who had an "issue"... for years this woman had bled, making her an outcast among her people. She was considered unclean and couldn't even come into the presence of her family, much less Jesus! Now... this women had "faith" that Jesus could heal her... so much so that she made her way towards him and simply reached out to touch the hem of his garment! Instantly Christ felt the power leave him... and instantly this woman was healed. Now... here is my point... she had the faith... she knew about Jesus... she had heard the stories... yet the difference in her life came from the meeting!

As Christians we have been given a commission... to take the gospel into the world... I believe that part of the "taking" has to involve allowing people to meet Jesus... and as Christians WE just might be the first glimpse of Jesus they see!

Are you allowing Christ to work through you or are YOU trying to do all the work? There is such a tremendous difference... and it is the difference between allowing people to learn about Christ or allowing them to actually meet him face to face!


Rebecca Jo said...

All I can say about this post - WOW!!!!!!

Chandra said...

Since Rebecca took my comment I will just say that is Profound!!

Mickey said...

Just a note to let you know I do read your blogs and always appreciate your insight and devotion. You do have a talent of putting great thoughts into realistic and understandable terms. I look forward to regularly reading your posts.

Your devoted husband

P.S. Whats for dinner?