Sunday, August 3, 2008

Women of Faith... and Fun!

Well.... it came and it went... Women of Faith 2008 is now history... but what a wonderful bit of history it was! Our first stop of Friday... the outlet mall at Edinburgh... and we had a blast! As you can see from the picture at right, Rebecca was the recipient of a leg wound... surgery to correct a "minor slip and slide" injury. So we knew that she wouldn't be able to shop effectively on crutches. Angie made a mad dash for the offices there and secured a wheelchair for the day. Gotta say, Dawn and I had a blast wheeling her through the various chairs... WHAT POWER!

Next we made our way to Indy for the conference. The first night is always filled with music and a short message or two. It was powerful to say the least, and we all enjoyed our time. Rebecca, Angie, Michelle, Erica, Crystal and I then made our way to our hotel, by way of Cheeseburgers in Paradise. We spent our meal time laughing and singing songs along with our entertainment for the evening. By 2:00 AM we finally stopped all the chit-chat and fell asleep.

The Saturday portion of the conference began at 9:00 AM... and it was an awesome experience. One of the featured speakers for the day was Sandi Patty, and Anderson, Indiana native and a powerhouse singer... who knew that she could speak so beautifully as well. She spoke on "layers" and I must confess... I cried through her entire portion of the program... from the songs she sang to the words she spoke... I was in tears... and I cold feel God speaking to me through what she had to say. I walked away from the portion of the conference with a lot to think about... it was a joy to hear what she had to say!

We walked to the Circle Center mall for lunch... Rebecca stayed behind because of her leg (and aching arm pits! Crutches can be brutal.) While she remained at the Conseco Fieldhouse she did what she does best... she made a friend through her knitting! I do believe that the lady seen in the background will soon be the recipient of scarf... or maybe a pair of socks... I just love my friend!!!! Watch out... I think that her goal is to win control of the world through her knitting... one person at a time! And if you know her, you know this isn't out of the realm of possibility!
It was a tremendous weekend... and I am again, very thankful for the blessing of the trip. And you know... I am already looking for a 2009 calendar so I can block out August 7th and 8th for next year's conference! Mark your calendar... it is sure to be worth the trip. Hope to see you all there!

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Rebecca Jo said...

It was an amazing time! I thank you & all my fantastic friends who took such good care of me!!! The Diet Coke waiting for me in the morning was the best thing of all!!!

And what a time to worship our Lord! - Nothing like it!

And ssshhh....dont tell my secret for world domination through knitting!!! :-) hehe!!!!