Monday, May 5, 2008

Dry Spell

Seems like it has been awhile since I last posted... a writer's drought maybe? Perhaps writer's block?? I'm not sure... I just know that it has been long time between posts!

Have you ever had one of those seasons when it just seems that the world is just weighing heavy? Your mind is cluttered with a ton of things that you think about each and every minute of the day, but you can't seem to get past even one of those thoughts? That is where I have been of late. A lot on my mind, and very little being accomplished.

I have been reading a book loaned to me by my "sister-friend" Rebecca... it is so thought provoking... what I term a "slow read"... there is just so much to think about. The book is entitled The Bait of Satan, and I am really learning a great deal from the author.... and have been given alot to think about.

Then there have been Chad's sermons on Sunday - all on the Holy Spirit - and you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at services. This past week was an awesome sermon, and I know from Chad's blog that he has been under attack from Satan during the preparation time for this series. I have been so blessed by the message... and have been given more to think about in the process....

I am finding answers to questions... and finding more questions in need of answers... and lately I have been very thankful for a few blessing that have helped me along the way... the smiles of friends... the emails that make me laugh (even when I am alone!)... a husband that is good at listening... knitting.... (oh yeah!!!) and a gracious God who is willing to comfort me in the same areas over and over again... and the fact that He does it even though I don't deserve it.

So much for my "blue Monday".... and like the song from Rudolph says... "there's always tomorrow!"


MommyVee said...

And... there's always Friday when you get to babysit me and my daughter.

Christy said...

I heard great things from Rebecca about that book! Maybe we can do it during small group.

Rebecca Jo said...

God's going to lead you where HE wants you to be! This "dry spell" is just getting you ready for some amazing stuff that He's got in store for you!

Love you my friend!!!!