Thursday, May 29, 2008

False Alarm... sort of.....

Well... we thought we were going to receive our 4th grandchild last night, but they ended up sending Rachel home. Not that she isn't is labor... she just isn't far enough into it to make the doctor happy. After 3 + hours in the hospital... strapped to a monitor and unable to get up to help the progress... the contractions began to slow down and they opted to unhook her and send her packing.

Now I wonder, what did they do with women prior to all of the monitoring equipment? I have no "first hand" experience because all of my labors were relatively quick, but I can remember seeing women pacing the hallways, walking back and forth, trying to keep the contractions up so that the process would go faster. Older women will always advise young women to "get out and walk". I fully believe that this is just one of those things that is a natural response, but one that hospitals don't take seriously.

So, by now you are probably saying... what is your point... get to it! My point is simple... God created women to give birth... and yes... he said we would have pain... but I believe that he also gave women a natural response to labor... and that through the "wonders of medical science", they have taken that natural response and shot it down the tubes. Just another indicator that the world often shuts out the voice of God... even when it comes to having babies!

I'll let you know when this little one finally arrives... while the doctors might have slowed down the process... they can't STOP it!


Vicki M said...

I sooooo agree with the "natural" process of birth. I, too, was fortunate with labor and delivery, but I also know that each time is different. However, I think the medical/scientific field puts way too much emphasis on the "new stuff" and don't allow women to use what God gave us to make this happen naturally; His fortitude, His passion, His grace and most importantly, His love for us. He gives each special baby to the perfect mother, and there was no greater joy for me than every memory of that time. I wanted to savor every moment of the only true miracle I've ever been involved in so I took very seriously every phase, including those last trials before birth. I was also very lucky to have a doctor who believed that it should all be as natural as possible. Hang in there, Rachel (and Lynn and family). I think these are the most exciting times of our lives!

MommyVee said...

And don't forget... IT'S ALL EVE'S FAULT!!!