Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Nudge

Have you ever had one of those days... weeks.... months!!!... where you just didn't feel like doing what you always do? That has been this month for me. I am supposed to be doing the paper... and I have sort of... but I have felt very indifferent about it this month. Partly, I am sure, due to the monetary aspects of the paper (or the lack of money????) I keep wondering how the paper can continue if we don't get the sales we need... if we continue to have aged receivables, etc, etc, etc... and the worry soon overcomes the joy of doing the work... That is where I have found myself recently, and it is a place that I hate to be.

Well, the paper was due to go to the printer Monday... it ended up going Tuesday. (Another delay brought on by ME!) So when I sat down at the computer yesterday morning to finish putting the paper together I found that my satellite was down due to the weather. It didn't come up until 12:30, and there were articles that I needed floating around out in the ozone... so I just continued to plug away with the things that I had, praying that the problem with the Internet would quickly resolve. It was during this time that I was sitting her wondering if the paper was still where God wanted me to be...and the phone rang....

"Hi, my name is Catherine, and I volunteer at Choices for Women in New Albany. I just wanted you to know that I am sitting here reading The Good News Monthly, and I am just so thankful for your ministry. This paper is really nice, and it brings such joy to those that read it. I just felt compelled to let you know that today."

Okay... now I am picking my jaw up off the desk... thanking her for letting me know that... and telling her that she has no idea how badly I needed to hear that on that day at that time. That God... he always knows how to get his message across to us doesn't he? He knew what I needed to hear, just when I needed to hear it. And the paper... well... it made it to the printer and I have to say, I was more eager to finish it.

Does that mean that I'm not going to worry about the monetary aspects... nope... I have to be concerned about is all part of running a ministry/business. But I know that God is still in control, and that makes the load a lot easier to carry!

Oh Yes... an update on the New Project - check out these cuties in their new socks!


MommyVee said...

haha-- emma's like, "hey, what the crap are you doing??"

Rebecca Jo said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture!!! You'll need to do a yearly "sock picture" with them!

Joe said...

Thanks for sharing that story Lynn. It really gave me God-bumps! It's amazing how God will give us that pick-me-up just when we need it the most. Keep up the good work!

Christy said...

You have a lot of good to spread - don't give up. You know God turns what we view as the impossible into His Glory. Love you!