Friday, January 11, 2008

The Countdown


The wait was finally over yesterday! Carly, Rebecca, Lindsay and I headed to see Phantom, and we had a wonderful evening!

Our first stop was a yarn shop...yes...even an outing to see The Phantom of the Opera included a trip to buy yarn!! Rebecca took me to a nice little shop in Jeffersonville, Grinny Possum, and Carly picked out the yarn for her first pair of knitted socks. From there we headed to Rocky's for an early dinner, and then off to the Kentucky Center for Phantom.

The show was awesome, and I won't spoil it for anyone is still going, but I was near tears a couple of times, it was just so cool to get to see this. And it was especially cool that Carly and I got to see it together. (Thanks Mickey for such awesome birthday gifts!!!) And the fellowship with Rebecca and Lindsay was great as was just a beautiful "girls night out".

The new question is, "What comes out next year at this time?" We are all anxious to do this again!

Carly and I received some pretty awesome gifts for our birthdays ... tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in Louisville. We managed to get tickets for the 20th, and we are so excited. Not only are we going but Rebecca and her daughter Lindsey are going as well. We plan to ride with them, making a complete evening of it... going out to eat and then going to the show.

I have heard from many at church that they are going as well, and everyone seems to be sitting on pins and needles awaiting their turn.

Now, I gotta tell you, I have been listening to Chad's sermon from last Sunday, and I wonder... do we have the same excitement about coming to church on Sunday that we feel when we know that we are going to see a great show? Unfortunately, probably not... but I think that is something that we all need to work on changing.

Going to church and learning about God, His Son, and their plan for our salvation, should be something that lights us up...that sets us on fire. And when we leave the building, we should be not only eager to spread the word about all that we have learned, but we should be counting down the days until we get to go back for more.

So, as of today Carly and I only have 9 more days until Phantom...but hey...we only have two more until we are once again seated at GCC hearing what God has laid on Chad's heart. I know that the thrill of watching Phantom will stay with me for awhile, but what Chad has to share... it will stay with me for eternity!


Rebecca Jo said...

OHHHHHH - can't wait!!!!!!

Amy said...


Rebecca Jo said...

I dont think its next October - but I just heard today that Beauty & The Beast is coming to Derby Dinner....I think in May - mother's day gifts??? And it also involves food! And its in Jeffersonville - next to the yarn store again----its sounding like us!

Kim said...

Phantom was mine and Jeremy's first date 15 years ago around this time (actually in early February) He had a private box for us and swept me off my feet.