Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year... A New Project

Well, it has finally happened... Rebecca has got me hooked on knitting socks!!! I took part of my Christmas money (thanks Mom and Dad!) and bought some yarn and needles, and last night I began my first sock! Right now I am on the easy part...that will change soon and I am sure that I will be calling Rebecca for some much needed help. But I gotta tell you... watching this yarn begin to make it's pattern is really amazing. In the skein it looks like a bunch of colors just randomly spaced, but when it begins to be used, the pattern starts to appear, and it is just awesome to watch.

So that got me to thinking.... knitting is kind of like your life once you accept Christ as your Savior. What was once just a jumble begins to take shape under the hands of the Master, and a pattern begins to appear. The longer the Master has to work on your life, the more complete the project. Wow... knitting and Christ... who would have thought???!!!! Oh yeah.... "I knit you together in the womb"... hm.... see... even Christ knits!

So thanks Rebecca for helping me to get started, and you know... this could be the new weight loss program I am looking for... I can't seem to put it down!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited for your first sock! You've got the knitting bug!

And like I said on my blog - the word "Knit" ain't in the Bible for nothing!

Rebecca Jo said...

One other thing - remember you making fun of me carrying my knitting in the movie theater - let's see if you start taking yours everywhere as well - yeah, not so funny anymore - huh? :-)

Christy said...

She's got us all hooked... Rebecca's "hookers" hehehehe! Seriously, I've tried the purl and ended up creating my stitch cause I wasn't wrapping my yarn around the needle right. Still looks good though, but I'm not to socks yet!

Jules said...

Ha Ha, and the 'evil', as my husband calls it, spreads. Soon, all the women in the world will be torturing their husbands with the click-clack of needles and going into debt over angora, alpaca, and lamb's wool.

You're socks are beautiful. I hear you've already made several pair! You must be a natural.