Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where did the time go?

Today is my baby brother's birthday...he turned 48! A little background... I was born on January 4, 1959 and he followed on December 29th 1959...yes... we were born the same year. My sister was a little over two when I was born... and my mom was one tired lady.

When I called my brother this morning to sing to him (and I do that even though we are old) it really brought home the fact that I will turn 49 next week. How can it be that I am nearly 50 years old?

It seems just like yesterday that I graduated. Wasn't it just yesterday that I gave birth to Chandra, our oldest daughter? I remember how tiny she was...and how scared I was to be a mom...she recently turned 28!

Next came Rachel, who is now 23 and then Carly, who is 16. The years seem to have hurried past, with graduations and weddings coming all too soon.

Carly is now a sophomore in HS and Michael will begin Kindergarten next year. While we have only had Michael home for a year, the time has gone far too quickly. Time continues to march on.

Yet, in my mind... I am still young (even if my body often begs to differ!!!) I don't see myself as nearly 50, but I know that I am (as my brother was so eager to remind me this morning!)

The older I get, the faster time seems to fly, and I am learning to enjoy each day, taking it for what it is, a gift. I try not to worry about what tomorrow will bring, or what yesterday held, today will be gone soon enough.

So, as I set about beginning this last year in my 40's, I am going to work towards embracing my 50's with excitement. Over the hill???? No way! This will be no downward spiral... just the ride of a lifetime!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Birthday's everywhere! Like I tell everyone - you're only as old as you feel - but that may not always be a good thing! hehe! Seeing you - you're still in your 20's girl! You're kicking that "age" things butt!