Friday, December 21, 2007

What was your favorite Christmas gift?????

With the busy holiday weekend at hand, this will probably be my last post until Tuesday. With that in mind, I would love to get some chit-chat happening!

In the early 60's (yes, that was a LONG time ago) I received a gift that I have never forgotten. This gift was so cool... it was a doll, which was nearly as tall as I was. The best part, you could make her walk (not nearly as cool as the way they do it today, but hey, it was the 60's !!!!) As you can see from the picture I was really lovin' on that doll, and that is my great-grandmother, Violetta, in the background, lovingly referred to as Granny.

I remember that my grandfather tried to offer me a gift or two of his in exchange for my doll, but I would have none of it! On Christmas eve we always gathered at my grandparent's home, along with our great-grandma's and great-aunt and uncle. My grandparent's tree was silver and had a colored revolving light and my grandmother, whom we called Mae, always made rice krispie treats. I would stand next to her and watch the marshmallows melt, then she would pour the completed treats into a pan and set them out on the porch to cool. The TV was always on so that we could track Santa's progress towards Pekin. Isn't it amazing that while many details of my life have grown dim, there are still times that stand out as vividly as if they happened yesterday?!

As an adult, I would have to say that my favorite Christmas gift was given to me in 1998. Mickey gave me an engagement ring on Christmas morning and asked me to marry him, with the girls on hand to give their consent. How cool is that?????

So come on readers... give... what was YOUR favorite gift and/or holiday memory??????

Merry Christmas from The Neal Family!


Rebecca Jo said...

FUN! I always remember family gathers as well - with everyone getting together that you probably see once a year. It was nice. But one of my best gifts growin up - I was probably 13. My parents always made mine & my brothers gifts equal. My brother had more that year. It truly didnt bother me (that stuff never did) - & when we came up from downstairs - I saw my "big" gift - my dad had set up my own stereo in my room! It had a duel cassette player AND a record turntable on it - OH YEAH - ROCKIN'! I was THRILLED! (Most important - it has a headphone plug for my parents sake!) I can remember the surprise of getting that...Memories!

I too got my engagement ring on Christmas Eve 1994 during the candlelight ceremony at my church - very romantic with all the candlelight!

Chad Doerr said...

My favorite gift was probably a fishing tackle box that was loaded with artificial lures. Boring to most, but to me, a young boy longing to be a pro fisherman, it was a dream come true.

My favorite memory has to be the tradition we had on Christmas Eve. The Doerr family would attend an matinee at the local theater and then head to church for the candle light service. Fun family times.

Jennifer said...

I have fond memories when I was young. We always went to spend Christmas Eve at my grandparent's house, and I can remember at least one time on our way home, late at night, that I truly thought I saw something in the sky. I was totally convinced it was Santa & his reindeer. It must have been a shooting star or something:)

I also have fond memories of sitting at the top of the steps with my sister, Rebecca, on Christmas morning, in PAINFUL anticipation of being able to come down and see all the presents that Santa had left! We always had to wait for Mom to get up and get dressed, and Dad would always be downstairs setting up the movie camera, taunting us about how wonderful the presents were.

Christy said...

Gosh, I have a couple as far as gifts go. One was when I got my first "boombox." Mamaw & Papaw sent it from Texas. And just sat on the floor trying to figure out how "radio" worked. You know...when you turn the power off then back on, why isn't the song playing where you left off at? I was used to playing with my aunt's 8-tracks!

The other Christmas I remember so well was when I was 16. Back then we were very poor and my mom had specifically geared me for NOT get a class ring...we just didn't have the money for it. Well, when I open this big box and found a teddy bear wearing my class ring around his neck I was floored. And it wasn't like anyone else's class ring either - it was a fancy one! And I still have the bear...